S. No. Technology Application Area
1Design Space Exploration System and Method Thereof Using a Bacterial Foraging Optimization MechanismComputer Science and Engineering
2Method and System for Automatic Fault Recovery and True Output Extraction during High Level SynthesisComputer Science and Engineering
3Awaaz: Voice for the Vocally Challenged using Sign Language Gesture Recognition and Leap Motion 3D Infrared Camera (Filled), System and Method for Sign Language Gesture RecognitionComputer Science and Engineering
4Design Space Exploration of Optimal k-Cycle Transient Fault Tolerant Datapath Based on Multi-Objective Power-Performance TradeoffComputer Science and Engineering
5Method and Apparatus for Embedded Systems based Intevention for Energy ConservationComputer Science and Engineering
6Improved Schedule Delay Estimation Process for Datapath during High Level Synthesis of Application Specific ProcessorsComputer Science and Engineering
7Design Space Exploration of Optimal K-­?Cycle Transient Fault Secured Data-path System with Intelligent Cut InsertionComputer Science and Engineering
8Design Space Exploration Of An Optimized Hardware Trojan Detectable/Secured Datapath During High Level SynthesisComputer Science and Engineering
9Embedding Watermark based on Multi-Variable Signature Encoding at Behaviour Level for Reusable IP Core ProtectionComputer Science and Engineering
10Wheelchair equipped with Brain Computer Interface and Gesture RecognitionComputer Science and Engineering
11Large Scale Contact Tracing for Covid-19Computer Science and Engineering
12A Multi-Frequency Based TransceiverElectrical Engineering
13P-N Tuned Differential 8T Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) CellElectrical Engineering
14System and method for emergency servicesElectrical Engineering
15Achieving super subthreshold swing (< 1 mY/decade) in multiple gate junctionless MOSFET through engineering the back gate positionElectrical Engineering
16Method and Apparatus for Recording, Archiving, Media Management and Playing back of a Telephone CallElectrical Engineering
17Low cost, low power, and portable dual transceiver based on software defined radioElectrical Engineering
18Method Device and Apparatus for Managing Phone/Device Profile based on an eventElectrical Engineering
19Multiple Gate Tunneling Field Effect Transistor for Capacitorless Dynamic Random Access Memory ApplicationsElectrical Engineering
20Low leakage-high stability differential positive feedback controlled 10T (DPFC10T) SRAM cellElectrical Engineering
21Improved Performance of DG-TFET with Lateral Asymmetric Channel (LAC) Doping Profile an Underlap (UL) FeatureElectrical Engineering
22Low cost identification of road congestion for traffic management Electrical Engineering
23Offset Compensated Data Sensing Technique for Low Energy Embedded SRAMElectrical Engineering
24System, method and apparatus for low complexity Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) receiver for mixed ConstellationElectrical Engineering
25Programmable Electrical Tester (PET) for ultrafast electrical characterisation of electronic materials and devices".    Electrical Engineering
26Dual ion beam sputtered cost-effective and non-volatile resistive memory devicesElectrical Engineering
27An Ultra Low Power, read decoupled-differential write, 10T SRAm cell with larger read/write noise marginElectrical Engineering
28Read Recharge (RCC) based process variation tolerant 10T Sram CellElectrical Engineering
29Method and appartus for low complexity Natural Grandient based OFDM Channel EstimatorElectrical Engineering
30Method and Apparatus for detection of active taps location in OFDM SystemElectrical Engineering
31Achieving high concentration of two-dimensional electron gas in capped ZnO based heterostructure for electron mobility transistor Electrical Engineering
32High two-dimensional electron gas density in heterostructure of ternary/quaternary compounds based on Zinc Oxide materialElectrical Engineering
33Method and Apparatus for Low Power Source Spectrum SensingElectrical Engineering
34Method and apparatus for Anti-theft Fingerprint BiometryElectrical Engineering
35Hybrid mesoporous composites gas sensorsElectrical Engineering
36Organo-acidified zinc oxide carbon monoxide sensorElectrical Engineering
37Method and Apparatus for secure ear biomteric recognition using single shot fringe projection themographyElectrical Engineering
38A Device for Assessment of seed priming treatments using biospeckle analysisElectrical Engineering
39Ultrasensitive nitrogen dioxide sensor based on s, n doped carbon dot functionalized tungsten oxideElectrical Engineering
40Engineered nanophotonic structure based on electrically controlled composite materials for Biochemical sensingElectrical Engineering
41Silicon Compatible memristive crossbar arrayElectrical Engineering
42Efficient Liquid Distributor Design for Vertical Falling film TowerMechanical Engineering
43Method And System For Providing Smart Communications For Distributed Operations Planning In An Industrial NetworkMechanical Engineering
44"Thermo-mechanical test bench for reliability estimation of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) springs"Mechanical Engineering
452PRP-PRR Planar Parallel MechanismMechanical Engineering
46A Passive Parallel Sitting/Lying type Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot with Leg OrthosesMechanical Engineering
47A new spatial parallel platform based on 3-RPRS configurationMechanical Engineering
48Design and Development shape memory alloy actuated smart cervical neck collarMechanical Engineering
49Design and Development of a detachable Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) holder using MIG based additive manufacturing for passive damping in machine tool operationsMechanical Engineering
50"Design and Development of stationary/moving surfaces for impingement jet coolingMechanical Engineering
51Design and Development of Tensile Testing Machine for Flexible Thin Films Mechanical Engineering
52Hybrid underwater vehicle for ocean observationsMechanical Engineering
53Magnetic Field Assisted Micro-Plasma Transferred Arc Additive ManufacturingMechanical Engineering
54A Standalone, portable blood pressure measurement device with remote monitoringMechanical Engineering
55Swarf-Based Substrata for Wire Arc Additive ManufacturingMechanical Engineering
56Essential amino acid based biodegradable and biocompatible nanoparticles for bio medical imaging and targeted drug delivery applications Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering
57Green Synthesis of Biocompatible and Near Infrared Active Iron Oxide Nanoparticle for Deep Tissue Imaging and Therapy Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering
58Ultrasonic Atomizer based ultrafine silk nanoparticles with long shelf life for targeted drug delivery and diagnostics Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering
59Ultrasonic atomizer based method for development of biodegrable anticancer therapeutic/diagnostic/ thernostic nanoparticles, microspheres and hybrid micro-particles. Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering
60Metal-free, solvent-free synthesis of fused-pyrido hetrocycles: Biological efficacy against cancer and multi-drug resistant pathogens Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering
61A novel E.Coli L-Asparaginase (EcA) variant for the treatment of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering
62Enhancing indocyanine green's bioimaging by encapsulating in virally -derived nano vessels Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering
63Development of portable sensor Based Canine Pregnancy Detection System Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering
64Design and development of self-energized solar tracking system using textured shape memory bimorph substrate based thin film solar panelMetallurgy Engineering and Materials Science
65Development of Shape memory alloy integrated optical fibre strain sensor for condition monitoring of hydraulic hose in automotive and aerospace systemsMetallurgy Engineering and Materials Science
66A novel process on quantification of hydrologic resilience potential and its attributionsCivil Engineering
67Design of Bioreactor and Biochemical treatment setup for Real Field Application of Biocementation TechniqueCivil Engineering
68Method of Cultivating Indegenous Bacteria for Bio Treatment of Expansive Soil SubgradeCivil Engineering
69New Small Molecule inhbitors/Ligands for Early Diagnosis and Therapy of Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA+) Cancers and Neurodegenerative DiseasesChemistry
70Resistive switching based on ?-conjugated compoundChemistry
71Catalysts for low temperature hydrogen productionChemistry
72Catalystic and catalytic process for low temperature for Hydrogen production from PETChemistry
73Computer aided Design, development,synthesis and biological evaluation of third generation tubulysin family of compounds as anti cancer agentsChemistry
74Catalyst and process for hydrogen production from glycerol and ethylene glycolChemistry
75Portable Standalone vaccine carrier box with long duration temperature maintenance, monitoring and location tracker-Atmanirbhar Vaccine CarrierHealth Centre
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