S. No. Workshop Title Funded By Name of Organiser
1Fundamentals and Advances in Powder MetallurgyTeqipDr. Vinod Kumar and Dr. RamSanjeevan Maurya
2International workshop on advanced nanoscience and engineering (IWANE-2017)Self SupportDr. Rupesh S. Devan, Dr. Santosh Hosmani and Dr. Parasharam Shirage
3 GIAN Course on Modern Applications on Numerical Linear Algebra Methods, 27th June-5th July, 2016External FundingSk Safique Ahmad
4GIAN Course on BIGG DATA, 26th October-1st November, 2016External FundingSk Safique Ahmad
5Wavelet via Matrices and its Applications in signals and image processingQIPSk Safique Ahmad
6Matrix Computations and its application in systems, signal and control problemsQIPSk Safique Ahmad
7Sampling theory and its Applications: Signal, Image processing and Data ScienceQIPSk Safique Ahmad
8Industrial Metallurgy and Quality ControlTeqipSantosh S. Hosmani & Rupesh S. Devan
9High Performance Computing (HPC) in the Agriculture Domain External FundingDr. Aruna Tiwari
10Advanced Surface Science and EngineeringTeqipSantosh S. Hosmani & other faculties
11One Day Research Workshop for signing MOU with CEERI PilaniExternal FundingDr. Aruna Tiwari
12International Workshop on Advanced Nanoscience and EngineeringSelf SupportSantosh S. Hosmani, Rupesh S. Devan, and P.M. Shirage
13Nature Inspired Optimization Techniques & their ApplicationsExternal FundingDr. Aruna Tiwari
141st Indian Workshop on Artificial Intelligence (iWAI)QIPDr. Chandresh Kumar Maurya
15Six days TEQIP-III FDP program on Mathematics with MATLAB and Mathematica in 2020TeqipDr. Santanu Manna and Dr. Vinay Gupta, IIT Indore
16Six days TEQIP-III FDP program on Mathematical approaches in Mechanics in 2020TeqipDr. Santanu Manna and Dr. Vinay Gupta, IIT Indore
17Six days AICTE-QIP-STC on Implementation of Numerical Methods using MATLAB in 2022QIPDr. Santanu Manna, IIT Indore
18One-week Quality Improvement Programme on “Special Functions for Scientists and Engineers in 2020QIPDr. Santanu Manna, et al. IIT Indore
19TEQIP-3 short-term course on “Introduction to Scientific Computing in Engineering in 2020TeqipDr. Santanu Manna, et al. IIT Indore
20Vigyan Jyoti, IIT Indore, May 21 - June 10, 2018,External FundingDr. Santanu Manna, (Math-Coordinator & faculty trainer))
21Contextual Emotion Recognition Challenge in "IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG) 2021"External FundingDr. Puneet Gupta
22Workshop on SensorsExternal FundingAjay Kumar Kushwaha
231st Training School / Workshop on Environmental Cyber-Physical Systems :;23rd - 27th August 2021 External FundingAjay Kumar Kushwaha
24Out of equilibrium workshop at IIT MandiExternal FundingDiptarka Das et al.
25Students talks in trending topics in theory (ST4)External FundingDebajyoti Sarkar
26DST SERB Karyashala (Workshop) on Real Time Simulation of Power Electronics and Power SystemsExternal FundingAmod C. Umarikar
271st Workshop on Applications of AIQIPChandresh Kumar Maurya
28AI solutions for higher education and researchExternal FundingChandresh Kumar Maurya
29National Sleep Technology Course and National Sleep Medicine CourseSelf SupportIndian Socety for Sleep Research and World Sleep Society
30Vehicular Communications for Next-Generation Intelligent Transportation SystemsExternal FundingSwaminathan R
31Faculty Development Proramme (FDP) at IIT Indore is, “Recent Development in Energy Materials for Sustainable Future” November 21 to December 3, 2022.QIPRupesh Devan
32TEQIP-III, Short term course on Faculty Induction, IIT Indore.June 20-27, 2019.. TEQIP-III, Short term course on Faculty Induction, IIT Indore.June 28-July 6, 2019QIPDr. Kiran Bala
33Atomistic Modelling of Solids: Theory & ApplicationsTeqipDr. Shailesh I. Kundalwal
34Micro- and Nano-Mechanics of Solids: Fundamentals & ApplicationsQIPDr. Shailesh I. Kundalwal
35Electromagnetics: Recent Trends and Future ApplicationsQIPDr. Saptarshi Ghosh
36Recent Advances in Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Communication TechnologiesExternal FundingDr. Saptarshi Ghosh
37Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics with Applications in Energy ResearchExternal FundingDr. Dhinakaran Shanmugam
38Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics with Practical ApplicationsExternal FundingProf. Dhinakaran Shanmugam
39STAtistical Analysis and Modelling of Climate ExtremesExternal FundingDr. Priyank J. Sharma
40Probabilistic models and Belief Propagation (GIAN coursewith Prof Gaurav Sharma, Univ. of Rochester, USA)External FundingDr. Surya Prakash
41Advanced Pattern Recognition Techniques for Biometrics (GIAN course with Prof. Massimo Tistarelli, University of Sassari, Italy)External FundingDr. Surya Prakash
42Media Security and Forensics (GIAN course with Prof Gaurav Sharma, Univ. of Rochester, USA)External FundingDr. Surya Prakash
43TEQIP-III Sponsored Short-Term Online Training Program on Deep Learning for BiometricsTeqipDr. Surya Prakash
44QIP Sponsored Short-Term Course on Computer Vision- the Artificial Intelligence for an EyeQIPDr. Surya Prakash
45 National conference on Bioactive molecules and therapeuticExternal FundingUGC-SAP, Nanded
46UGC-SAP workshopExternal FundingProf. Pravin Puranik, KBC NMU, Jalgaon
47Refresher course in Life SciencesExternal FundingGoa University
48Computational Intelligence in Digital Data Processing and Evidence AnalysisExternal FundingNeminath Hubballi
49Workshop on Mathematical Ecology and Epidemiology ( June 17-18, 2022)External FundingDr. Bapan Ghosh
50Lecture Series on Nonlinear Dynamics and ApplicationsExternal FundingDr. Bapan Ghosh
51High-end Workshop (KARYASHALA) on Bifurcations and Chaos: Computations and ApplicationsExternal FundingDr. Bapan Ghosh
527 Day High-end Workshop (KARYASHALA) on Statistical Modelling in Ranking and SelectionExternal FundingDr. Mohd. Arshad
53Language Documentation: Techniques and TechnologiesExternal FundingThapasya J & Sansuma Brahma


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