Industrial Research and Consultancy

In order to foster strong links with industry for collaborative research, technology transfer, and specialized human resource development, consultancy services are offered to industrial partners, government organizations, and other agencies in niche areas of expertise available within the institute. Consultancy and related services offered at IIT Indore are classified into two categories:

  • Expert Advice and Development Projects
  • Testing Projects

Some of the ongoing and finished consultancy projects at IIT Indore are listed below:

  • Vibration Measurement and Reduction of JMG
  • Root Cause Analysis of Repetition Failures of the Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) Gearboxes
  • 3 Phase Inverter Drive with Protections
  • Laser forming for Manufacturing of break Pedals and Clutch Pedals
  • Rolling Mill and Auxiliary Equipments
  • Spline Hubs for Clutch Plate
  • Measurement of Microhardness and Tensile Strength of given Samples
  • Tensile Testing
  • Measurement and Analysis of Surface Roughness of Samples of Metal Matrix Composite


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