R&D Sponsored Projects

S. No. Project Title Status View Details
1J P Narayan National Centre of Excellence in the HumanitiesOngoing View More
2Drug diffusion studies: Numerical simulations and experimentsOngoing View More
3Statistical Modelling and Analysis of Reconfigurable-Intelligent-Surfaces-Assisted Hybrid FSO/RF SystemOngoing View More
4A modular and physics based numerical framework for the inner heliosphereOngoing View More
5Novel large-scale machine learning algorithms and their applicationsOngoing View More
6Development of Porous Metal-Organic Frameworks and Covalent Organic Frameworks and Their Potential Applications in Hydrogen StorageOngoing View More
7Impact of spacer layer in ZnO-based MOSHFETOngoing View More
8HEMT-based Sensors for IoT-enabled Water Quality AnalysisOngoing View More
92D TMD Based Biomedical Sensor for Smart Health Monitoring via IoTOngoing View More
10Thermodynamics and Entanglement in Field Theory and GravityOngoing View More
11Compact Wideband Millimeter-Wave power Divider using Substrate Integrated WaveguideOngoing View More
12DST-IISER Thiruvananthapuram Integrated Clean Energy Material Acceleration Platform on StorageOngoing View More
13Polymer-Ceramic Composite Electrolytes for Rechargeable Lithium Metal BatteriesOngoing View More
14Design and Development of Shape memory alloy coated optical fiber sensor for condition monitoring in cryogenic environment View More
15Compound extremes using variance transform methodOngoing View More
16Development of All Earth Abundant Elements based Nano-heterostructures for Solar Driven Water SplittingOngoing View More
17Promoting soft tissue seal formation around percutaneous osseointegrated implants (POI) to minimize peri-prosthetic infection at the skin - implant interfaceOngoing View More
18Continuum finite element models for the mechanical behavior of the nanostructures considering surface energy effectsOngoing View More
19Language Variation and Cognition: A Study on Indian Englishes Ongoing View More
20Human-Centric Design Mapping: Investigating Effects of Vehicle and Wheel Dynamics on Tire Health for TireIQ- Tire Performance Sensing SolutionOngoing View More
21Biomimetic nanofibrillar cell instructive scaffolds for tendon tissue engineeringOngoing View More
22AI-driven High Resolution Image GenerationOngoing View More
23Simulation, Modelling, and Visualization of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface based Communication SystemOngoing View More
24Ensuring Data Security in IoT Environments through Machine Learning TechniquesOngoing View More
25Assessment of road condition and repair cost estimation using a cyber physical systemOngoing View More
26An approach to localise fires and optimise distribution of fire detection nodes at the Melghat Tiger ReserveOngoing View More
27Chemical Innovations For a Sustainable FutureOngoing View More
28Designing remote PPG based Heart estimation system for face mask videosOngoing View More
29Estimating Economic Losses and Damages of NTFPs Caused by Forest Fire in Hoshangabad Forest Division, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaOngoing View More
30Design and Development of SMA actuated soft jelly fish robot towards inspecton of intricate structure and surveillance IOT Based Health monitoring Ongoing View More
31Tracing the Digital Thread: A Scoping Project of Culture Heritage Practise in India.Ongoing View More
32Digitisation and Archiving of Cultural History of Bihar: A Case Study of Madhubani Art View More
33Digital Twins: negotiating identity and translocated heritage in the global ageOngoing View More
34Development of Microstructure- Property-Processing Correlations for nickel-based superalloysOngoing View More
35Development of Fe-based composite materials mimicking Delhi iron pillar’s structureOngoing View More
36Exploring Indian Firms' Patenting BehaviourOngoing View More
37Functionalized polycrystalline carbon Nanotubes and their bundles as potential candidates for hydrogen storageOngoing View More
38Design and Fabrication of Electrically Tunable Silicon Photonic Waveguide for Active Photonic DevicesOngoing View More
41Catalytic applications of Nanocatalysts derived from single source molecular precursor (SSMPs) Ongoing View More
42Memristive Devices and Systems for Neuromorphic ComputationOngoing View More
43Study of Marcum function of the second kindOngoing View More
44Delay Differential Equation Models in Population Dynamics: Theory, Methods and ComputationsOngoing View More
46Dynamic behaviour of material due to torsional wave propagation in porous mediaOngoing View More
47Development of disinfection systems for the prevention and spread of CoVID-19 through indoor air Ongoing View More
48“Sustainable, Engineered Sodium-ion Batteries for Renewable Energy Storage”Ongoing View More
49Indo-South Korea Joint Network Center for Environmental Cyber Physical Systems Ongoing View More
50Design and Evaluation of a Multi-objective Controller for a Continuous Biocrude ReactorOngoing View More
51Design and Development of deflecting micromirrors and micromanipulators using laser micromachined Shape Memory Alloy bimorph for optomechatronics applicationsOngoing View More
52Development of Coaxial Multi-wire Feed Mechanism for Uniform and High Rate of Metal Deposition for Additive Manufacturing ApplicationOngoing View More
53Nanophotonic Structures Based On Composite Materials For Integrated Silicon Photonic DevicesOngoing View More
54Redesigning of antibody and finding novel inhibitors for dengue virus using computational approachesOngoing View More
55Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease using brain imaging dataOngoing View More
56Hours to Milliseconds: Leveraging machine learning methods to reduce the computation time for crop yield predictionOngoing View More
57Force and vibration analysis in biomechanical preparation of root canals using endodontic file system: In-vitro studyOngoing View More
58A Synergistic Experimental And Computational Approach To Develop Novel Catalytic Processes For Upgrading Agri-Waste Biomass/Bio-Oil To BiofuelOngoing View More
59A novel Scalable System for Protein Sequence and SNP data analysis using Clustering and Classification View More
60A Novel Scalable High-Performance Machine Learning Algorithms for NGS Analysis of Genomics Data at Exascale LevelOngoing View More
61Design and Development of Millimeter-Wave Array Antenna for 5G Mobile CommunicationOngoing View More
62A comprehensive rheology based thixotropic fluid flow model for improved control on 3D printing of concreteOngoing View More
63Development of Laser Surface Modified Triboelectric Nano Generator for Harvesting energy from Shoe sole Ongoing View More
65Role of Local-Global Minimum Energy Based Pt structures for Fuel cell applicationsOngoing View More
66Research and Development of Multiband UV Photodetector Using Oxide Semiconductor View More
67On-chip Control of Polarization and Delay in Arrayed Waveguide GratingOngoing View More
68Spatio-spectral deconvolution of Hyperspectral imagesOngoing View More
69Random verification of Annual Inventory on Hazardous waste managementOngoing View More
70Development of packaging for cryo temperature sensingOngoing View More
71Waste characterization and possible gainful utilization of induction melting furnace dustOngoing View More
72Understanding the process of catalytic hydrogen production from PET wasteOngoing View More
73Development of catalysts to generate hydrogen gas from methanol and polyolsOngoing View More
74Electric Motor's Thermal Management system for Electric Vehicles using Synthetic Jet Impingement Ongoing View More
75Design and Development of Efficient Catalysts for Hydrogen Generation from AlcoholsOngoing View More
76Development of Control Schemes to Enhance Stability and Dynamic Performance of Islanded AC MicrogridsOngoing View More
77Development of new reaction methodologies using transient non-symmetric iodanes under photocatalyst free irradiationOngoing View More
78Indian Participation in the ALICE Experiment at CERNOngoing View More
79Fabrication of lead free perovskite solar cells based on metal oxide nanoarchitectures and Sprio-OMeTADOngoing View More
81Analysis and Modelling of Drivers' Perception and Performance of Operational Measures for Geometric Design Consistency and Safety Evaluation of High-Speed RoadwaysOngoing View More
82Advanced Technology for Materials Physics and EngineeringOngoing View More
83VRITIKA: Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Science, Computational Materials Science, and NanomaterialsOngoing View More
84Love-type wave and its limitation in a nonlocal elastic model of non-homogeneous layer upon an orthotropic extended mediumOngoing View More
85Designing and development of low-cost air purifier cum CO2 harnesserOngoing View More
86Development and Characterization of novel Vajra Lep CoatingOngoing View More
87Splicing, chromatin and somatic hypermutation of immunoglobulin genesOngoing View More
88Development of efficient Tribromides as Versatile Fine Oxidative Reagents Ongoing View More
89Developing Enantioselective Carbon-heteroatom Bond Formations Employing Visible LightOngoing View More
902D-TMD and carbon dot embedded metal-oxide nanomaterials for ultrasensitive and ultraselective H2S detectionOngoing View More
91FIST MathematicsOngoing View More
92Designing of Mn- Based Catalysts for conversion of Ethanol to Butanol: A bio fuel Alternative to GasolineOngoing View More
93Funtionality Enhancement of Reconfigurable Transistors by Impleenting Standalone and Embedded 1T-DRAMOngoing View More
94On the Efficiency of Lattice Boltzmann Method for non Newtonian fluid flowsOngoing View More
95The Hurwitz Metric and Univalent FunctionsOngoing View More
96Modeling of major weather disturbances, especially cyclones, using Deep Neural NetworksOngoing View More
97Impact of rural road development on inclusive growth in Madhya PradeshOngoing View More
98Chemical Modifications of novel asparaginase variants to improve the treatment of primary and relapse childhood acute lymphatic leukemiaOngoing View More
99Development of theranostic targeted magnetic nanoparticles for diagnostics and treatment of tuberculosisOngoing View More
100Development of novel eutectic high entropy alloys for high temperature applications.Ongoing View More
101Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of Bcr-Abl inhibitors active against wild and mutant Bcr-Abl tyrosine kinases.Ongoing View More
102Generation of neutralizing human monoclonal antibodies against the SARS - CoV2 virus as a therape utic strategy to contain the COVID-19 pandemicOngoing View More
103Development of Application oriented AI systems Ongoing View More
104Structural orientation effects of new low dimensional_x005F_x000D_ hybrid perovskites on their physical propertiesOngoing View More
105To investigate the role of zebrafish calcium ion channels in the regulation of host immunity during Mycobacterium marinum pathogenesis".Ongoing View More
106Heart rate monitoring from non-contact face videos using Deep LearningOngoing View More
107Developmentof Porous Lead-Free Ceramics for Temperature-Independent Pyroelectric Performance and Waste Energy HarvestingOngoing View More
108An investigation on asymptotic expansion of Lambert series and Ramanujan's formula for odd zeta valuesOngoing View More
109Study of Accretion and Outflow Mechanisms in Compact Objects in X-ray BinariesOngoing View More
110Use of Hidden Markov Models to Effectively Assess Rumours on Social NetworksOngoing View More
111Transnational Partnership for Excellent Research and Education in Disruptive Technologies for a Resilient FutureOngoing View More
112Exploring flavor models in the light of the Higgs precision dataOngoing View More
113Development of Landslide Early Warning System and Real Time Monitoring, Uttarakhand View More
114MOFs@Graphene hybrid smart textured nanofibers for flexible energy storage devicesOngoing View More
115Glacier Studies on Drang Drung GlacierOngoing View More
116Solid-state thin-film rechargeable batteries with solid electrolyte to achieve a wider electrochemical/thermal stability, better safety and long cycle lives with good capacity retentionOngoing View More
117Extension of Research and education partnership for development of innovative flow-boiling and thermal systems - with emphasis on data centers and power plantsCompleted View More
118Additional scalars, neutrinos and the origin of the Universe: The dark connectionOngoing View More
119Exploring New Physics with Dark Matter and NeutrinosOngoing View More
120Indo-Norwegian collaboration in Intelligent Offshore Mechatronics Systems (INMOST)Ongoing View More
121Advanced Nonlinear Filtering Using Improved Quadrature RuleOngoing View More
122A novel thermal management system for electric vehicle batteries using phase change composite Ongoing View More
123s-Block Metal Aromatics and AntiaromaticsOngoing View More
124Generation of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Pseudotyped with spike protein of SARS-CoV2 reporter platform under BSL-2 condition for rapid method of identifying antiviral drug targetsOngoing View More
125Generation of neutralizing human monoclonal antibodies against the SARS-CoV2 virus as a therapeutic strategy to contain the COVID-19 pandemicOngoing View More
126Modern Medicine and Gender in Colonial Andhra: Medicine practiced by two women Missionary Doctors at their Hospitals 1880 - 1930Ongoing View More
127 Minorities on Campus: Discrimination, equality and politics of nationalism in Indian HEOngoing View More
128Isolation, purification and therapeutic evaluation of novel peptides and bioactive compounds as DPP-IV inhibitors from magneto-primed soybean seeds and algae species for diabetes treatmentOngoing View More
130Exploiting the new astrophysical frontiers for study of accretion, space distribution and origin of X-ray binaries and their mapping in Globular clusters'Ongoing View More
131Structural Insights of Outer Membrane Proteins (OMPs): Combating Gram-negative Bacterial PathogensOngoing View More
132Development of a vesicular stomatitis virus glycorprotein based virus-like nanoparticles palteform for targeted drug deliveryOngoing View More
133Development of New Two Dimensional Layer Structure Materials and Technique for water splitting: Applications in Hydrogen and Oxygen Evolution ReactionsOngoing View More
134LargEWiN-Design and Development of Large-Scale Ambient Energy Harvesting Wireless NetworksOngoing View More
135Enantioselective Organocatalysis: A Valuable Strategy for the Synthesis of Important Class of Spirooxindoles/3,3-Disubstituted Oxindoles and Related ScaffoldsOngoing View More
136Industry academia consortium for digitization in small medium enterprises.Ongoing View More
137SAJEMA : Simulating AGN Jets in the Era of Multi-messenger AstronomyOngoing View More
138Some problems on Nonlinear Schrodinger equation (NLS) and Hardy-Sobolev inequality for the twisted LaplacianOngoing View More
139Development of thick and thin NiTi Shape memory alloy intelligent porous structures using Laser and Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing WAAM for functional applicationsOngoing View More
140Fabrication of Silicon Photonic Nanostructured Devices for Optical Communication and InterconnectsOngoing View More
141Doner-Acceptor NIR absorbing tetracyanobutadiene and expanded tetracyanobutadiene derivatives of ferrocenyl functionalized BODIPYsOngoing View More
142Exploring new methodology to estimate the values of onsite coulombic repulsive energy (U) and charge transfer energy (∆) in transition metal oxides through combined optical and structure studiesOngoing View More
143Nano-engineered drug delivery system of antiretroviral drugs for prophylaxis of HIV/AIDSOngoing View More
144Modeling and development of high-strength and lightweight CNT-based composite structure for high performance electromagnetic interference shielding of space vehicles-reg.Ongoing View More
145A peridynamics-like framework to predict failure of concrete structuresOngoing View More
146Unraveling the potential of graphene quantum dots for hydrogen storage in fuel cells Ongoing View More
147Design and development of laser decal transfer based micro 3D for printing micro devices Ongoing View More
148Imaging diffuse emission and possible sz signatures in galaxy cluster mergers at high frequenciesOngoing View More
149R&D and patenting by foreign firms in IndiaOngoing View More
150Virus-like particles of Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus (KFDV) envelope protein for identification of viral cell receptorsOngoing View More
151Large scale production of nanomaterials and thin films for semiconducting devices and astronomical researchOngoing View More
152Fault detection of gearboxes using vibration and acoustic emission analysisOngoing View More
153Experimental and numerical studies of fracture in NanoglassesOngoing View More
15421 CM Cosmology with the Square Kilometer Array (SKA)Ongoing View More
155Optically Active Biocompatible Nanoparticles for Imaging and Photothermal TherapyOngoing View More
156Solar thermal Steam generation for water desalination utilizing hybride perovskite solar cellsOngoing View More
157Study of High multiplicity Proton+Proton Collisions at the LHC Energies using Event Shape Method Ongoing View More
158Development of high sensitivity ZnO Nanostructures based gas sensing array for space applicationsOngoing View More
159High-Altitude Platform Station based Hybrid FSO/RF Communication for Future Satellite Communication SystemsOngoing View More
160Solution strategies for vector optimization problems and variational inequalities-a gap function approach through regularization inequalitiesOngoing View More
161Design and Development of Cost-Effective Compact Millimeter-Wave Antennas for 5G Wireless CommunicationOngoing View More
162Design and manufacturing of miniature Kolsky bar or Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar(SHPB)Ongoing View More
163Silicon Nanophotonic platform for optical guidance and control in broadband communication.Ongoing View More
164Fabrication and Investigation of Electrochromic Electrodes for Improving Device PerformanceOngoing View More
165Ongoing View More
166Quality Improvement ProgrammeOngoing View More
167Fatigue Behaviour of friction stir welded dissimilar( austentic stainless steel- aluminium ) joints in a hydrogen atmophereOngoing View More
168Development of hypervalent lodine (III) reagents mediated Photocatalytic Si-H functionalization and exploration of distal group migrationOngoing View More
169Quantum dot based biosensor for early detection of prostate cancer multiple biomarkers in biological samplesOngoing View More
170Exploring ruthenium based metallodendrimers for improved anticancer activity and mode of actionOngoing View More
171Development of Light Weight Eutectic High Entropy Alloys ( LWEHEAs)Ongoing View More
172Conduction of performance annalysis of recycled plastic waste for modified bitumen in rural roads on engineering parameters.Ongoing View More
173Indo Finland Joint Call for mobility of researchersClosed View More
174Assessment of progressive collapse of steel truss railway bridgesCompleted View More
175Use of Machine Learning Techniques for Improved Surveillance of the Melghat Tiger ReserveOngoing View More
176High-Altitude Platform Station based Hybrid FSO/RF Communication for Future Satellite Communication Systems·Ongoing View More
177Structural orientation effects of new low dimensional hybrid perovskites on their physical propertiesOngoing View More
178Improved Estimation Based on RecordsOngoing View More
179Area and Power efficient Hardware chip design and implementation of Neuromorphic Computing Accelerator using Emerging Reconfigurable nanotechnologiesCompleted View More
180Novel Hardware Design for Low Power Neural NetworksCompleted View More
181Multiscale modelling of noncarbon nanomaterials and their reinforced polymer composite materials and structuresOngoing View More
182Safeguarding heritage structures using seismic metamaterialsOngoing View More
183Atomistic Modelling of Pt-Nanocluster Based Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cell ApplicationsOngoing View More
184Development of a Chikungunya candidate vaccine in Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (VSV) gene delivery platformOngoing View More
185Development of a vesicular -stomatitis virus glycoprotein-based virus-like nanoparticles platform for targeted drug deliveryOngoing View More
186Digital forensic knowledge integration and intelligence (DIREKT-Intel)Completed View More
187Graphene/Polymer Nanocomposite Towards Flexible Energy Storage ApplicationCompleted View More
188Complex Cu-containing semiconductors and layered structures for economically-viable, environmentally-benign, and high-performance ultrathin solar cellsOngoing View More
189A Digital Narratology of Technology as Literary Actors and Artefacts of Settings in Indian English Novels Ongoing View More
190Digitisation and Creation of a manuscript Corpus View More
191Development of machine learning algorithms for automated classification based on advanced signal decomposition of EEG signalsOngoing View More
192Australian Academy for HumanitiesCompleted View More
193Estimation and filtering algorithms, and their possible application in continuous glucose monitoringOngoing View More
194Investigating the signaling for consideration of possible funding under the Women Scientist Scheme-A (WOS-A) for Research in Basic/Applied SciencesOngoing View More
195Tuning the Homo-Lumo gap of donor-acceptor BenzothiadiazolesOngoing View More
196Biorthogonal Krylov Subspace Bases and Short RecurrencesOngoing View More
197Hybrid SRAM Memory Architecture for Multi core processorsOngoing View More
198Analytical and numerical study of rarefied binary gas mixturesCompleted View More
199Pharmacological eveluation of a novel asparaginase used for the traetment of childhood ALLOngoing View More
200To study the role mesenchymal stem cells in pathogenesis of tuberculosis in bone marrowOngoing View More
201Synthetic Observatory for X-shaped radio galaxiesCompleted View More
202Investigation of Space Weather Effects on the Equatorial Ionosphere over Indian RegionOngoing View More
203Nano-hetero-architectures of mesoporous ABO3 compounds for photocatalytic applications.Ongoing View More
204Development of light weight heat sink integrated with phase change material (PCM) for cooling applicationsOngoing View More
205Heat transfer intensification in novel design micro-pin-fin heat sink for microprocessor cooling with improved temperature uniformityOngoing View More
206Reversible Alkali Metal Based Hydrides for High Temperature Thermal Energy StorageOngoing View More
207Flavour Physics and Dark Matter: Reconnecting the DotsCompleted View More
208Hybrid SRAM Memory Architecture for Multi-Core ProcessorOngoing View More
209Evaluation of Stability and Performance analysis of reliable 3D Cyl GAA-TFET based 6T SRAM cell Completed View More
210New estimation and filtering algorithms, and their possible application in continuous glucose monitoringOngoing View More
211Development of Green and Secure Communication Techniques for Future Wireless Networks Ongoing View More
212Study of Buffer absorber interface cation disorder and crystal structure of CuXSnSSe heterojunctions Completed View More
213Design, Modeling and Diagnoatic of wind turbines for sustainable energy efficiencyCompleted View More
214Development of an Efficient Scalable Clustering Algorithms for Big Data and investigation of Integrated system for Protein Sequence ClassificationOngoing View More
215On inverse eigenvalue problems for structured matrix pencilsOngoing View More
216Influence of Strain and Carrier Injection on Electrical and Magnetic Properties of RNi1-xDxO3 (R=Rareearthmetal, D=Dopant) Thin Films and MultilayersOngoing View More
217Construction of Porous Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and Covalent- Organic Frameworks (COFs) and Its ApplicationsOngoing View More
219Detection of human brain disorders using novel machine learning approaches Ongoing View More
220Robust Motion Control Design for an Underwater Robot with Tilting ThrustersOngoing View More
221Knowledge, personality and skill development activities in science and technology for aspiring girl studentCompleted View More
222Wear Behavior and Microstructural Studies of Surface Mechanical Attrition Treated (SMAT) and Post-Treated Stainless SteelsCompleted View More
223Internet of Things (IoT) Enabled Portable Water Quality Monitoring SystemCompleted View More
224Development of light weight heat sink integrated with phase change material (PCM) for cooling applicationsOngoing View More
225Lead free inorganic halide perovskite nanostructures for solution-processable photovoltaic cell; Sponsoring AgencyCompleted View More
226Extreme value statistics and evolution of various patterns in real world complex systemsOngoing View More
227Lead Free Inorganic Halide Perovskite Nanostructure for Solution-Processable Photovoltaic CellOngoing View More
228An study of shearlet frames and shearlet transformCompleted View More
229Development of portable acoustic sensor based canine pregnancy detection system and biomarker-based canine pregnancy test kitCompleted View More
230Natural-Colored Functionally Graded Rubberised Geopolymer System: A cement less solution for optimized concrete paver manufacturingCompleted View More
231Unveiling Mergers Of Galaxy Clusters With Radio Halos/Relics: Using High Fidelity Radio and X-ray ObservationsOngoing View More
232Atmospheric Rivers and extreme precipitation over IndiaOngoing View More
233Identification hydropower sites and critical glacial lakes for sustainable water resources management in Himachal PradeshCompleted View More
234Chimera in multiplex networks Completed View More
235Performance Analysis of Diffusion-Based Molecular Communication Systems with Active ReceiversOngoing View More
236An innovative approach for development of an efficient and integrated algae bioenergy production system using biosynthesized nanoparticlesOngoing View More
237Characterizing the flexoelectric phenomena in monolayer/layered hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets and development of their nanoelectromechanical systemsOngoing View More
238Terahertz spectroscopic investigations on oxygen adsorption-desorption effects in nanoporous ZnO films for visible-blind UV PhotodetectionOngoing View More
239Geospatial numerical modelling of debris flow for quantitative landslide risk assessment considering the entrainmentOngoing View More
240Half-Metallic Heusler Alloys for Spintronics applicationsOngoing View More
241 Spectral Analysis of Multiplex NetworksOngoing View More
242Development of biosensors and antibacterial imaging agents for rapid and effective detection of bacteria by employing certain metal complexes and nanomaterialsOngoing View More
243Grand Challenges of Humanities in India-White paperCompleted View More
244Development of multi-spectral photoacoustic imaging and sensing system for non-invasive imaging and characterization of tumor vasculature during angiogenesis using zebrafish xenograft and chicken chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) modelOngoing View More
245UCL – IITI Partnership: Development of 3D Printable Biomimetic Hydrogels (Bio-inks)Ongoing View More
246Study of generalized TI System and Waves-Packet System over LCA Groups Ongoing View More
247Development of cation-switchable functionalized nucleobase based metallohydrogels for drug deliveryOngoing View More
248Expert Consultancy View More
249Innovation and efficient algae based system to reduce carbon dioxide emissions: A possible remedy to climate changeOngoing View More
250Identification of substrates of DHHC Palmitoyl Acyltransferases by Rational Design of trifunctional Probe and Exploration of Protein S-palmitoylationOngoing View More
251Identifying the Biomarkers and Mechanism of Immunomodulators like Cytokines and Chemokines in Epstein-Barr virus and Helicobacter pylori co-infected gastric cancerOngoing View More
252Retrieval of Atmospheric Water Vapour from NavIC/GAGAN Data & Prediction of extreme weather events based on machine learning techniquesOngoing View More
253Compositionally and Microstructurally Engineered Lead-Free Ceramics for Piezoelectric ApplicationsCompleted View More
254Design and Development of an Automated Surveillance System using Wireless Sensor Networks for the Melghat Tiger ReserveCompleted View More
255First principle studies and synthesis, characterization, physical properties of multiferroics RFeO3 (R=Bi, Ga, La, Nd) nanoparticlesOngoing View More
256Design and development of a new innovative parallel micro channel heat sink with mitigated flow maldistributionCompleted View More
257Metal free based domino technique for the access to functionalized pyridines/related heterocycles and their application in drug-discovery Completed View More
258Research and education partnership for the development of innovative flow-boiling and thermal-systems - with emphasis on data-centers and power-plantsCompleted View More
259Development of intracellular Fluorescent metal ion sensors and subcellular targeting Completed View More
260Differential NavIC & GAGAN aided Inertial Navigation with Applications to Land, Air and Space VehiclesCompleted View More
261Design of efficient strategies for phase estimation in optical metrology using advance signal processing techniquesCompleted View More
262Role of Nuclear nitric oxide synthase (NOS1) in the TLR4-triggered inflammatory response via the SOCS1-p38-AP1 signaling axisCompleted View More
263C and L-Band Interferometer as Galaxy Cluster Observatory PathfinderOngoing View More
264Analysis of Interplay of Multiplexing and Optimization in Complex Networks.Completed View More
265Design, development and demonstration of   indigenous hydrogen storage and fuel cell system for mobile and stationary applications of 5kW capacity.Completed View More
2661. Extreme Learning Machine & Its Hardware Realization 2. Quantum based learning algorithm & Its Hardware Realization for signature verificationCompleted View More
267Novel Fullerene Derivatives as Electron Transport Materials for Inverted Perovskite Solar CellsCompleted View More
268FIST Programme of DST Physics DisciplineOngoing View More
269Demonstration of sustainable algal biomass production in outdoor environment for cost effective biofuel productionCompleted View More
270Multi-analyte nano-engineered Quantum dot based fluorescent biosensors for clinical quantification of biomarkers in diabetes related kidney diseases. Completed View More
271Equilibrium and dynamical studies of thiolate-protected gold nano particles using DFT based machine learning techniquesCompleted View More
272Recognition of Human G-quadruplex structure by natural product Piperine and its derivative for mechanistic insight of its anti cancer activity Completed View More
273Exploration of cis elements in attracting AID to proto-oncogenes BCL6 and MYC leading to B-lymphomaCompleted View More
274Investigation of Biodiesel Spray in an Optical Diesel EngineCompleted View More
275Synthesis and catalytic activity of manganese and iron cyclopentadienyl complexes supported by β-diketiminate ligandCompleted View More
276Diketopyrrolopyrrole based Low Cost Accepor for Bulk Heterojuncion Organic Solar CellsCompleted View More
278Design and Synthesis of Bi-functional Pincer Complexes: A New Avenue for Metal-Metal Cooperativity and Small Molecules ActivationCompleted View More
279Synthesis of NHC based unsymmetrical cyclometallated luminescent Pt(II) complexes for more efficient OLED devicesCompleted View More
280Single molecule magnet behavior of polynuclear 3d and 4f metal clusters bearing tetrazole/ triazole derivatives as stabilizing ligandsCompleted View More
281Single molecule magnets using polynuclear complexes: Synthesis, characterization and magnetic properties studyCompleted View More
282Develeopment of Novel Methodologies for secured, trusted & optimized reusable intellectual property (IP) cores for multi floating point unit on chip designCompleted View More
283Designing of core-shell nanocluster based electrodes for fuel cell applicationsCompleted View More
284Development of active molecular catalysts based on transition metal complexes for efficient C-H bond activation and functionalizationCompleted View More
285Microstructural and electronic parameters of hetrojunction solar cells on the base of Cu2ZnSn(S, Se)4 and Cu2(Sn, Ge) S3 materials grown by dual ion beam sputteringCompleted View More
286Design, synthesis and application of isatin derived benzimidazole based four-coordinate boron compounds in Organic light emitting diode(OLED) devicesCompleted View More
287Role of Boron passivated 1D NiO nanostructures in the next generation energy storage devicesOngoing View More
288Ligated Cross-linked polymeric hydrogel for 3D printing applicationCompleted View More
289Mitochondria Tagged Red Emitting Fluorescent Probes: Detection of Chemical Species through Aggregation Induced Emission and its ImagingCompleted View More
290Compositionally and Microstructurally Engineering Lead-Free Ceramics for Piezoelectric AppliactionsCompleted View More
291Knowledge Spillover of Foreign Patenting on Indian Firms: Econometric Analysis Using Patent Citation DataCompleted View More
292Optimization Models and Algorithms for Non-Parallel Support Vector Machines Completed View More
293On the study of zeros of some special functions and geometric propertiesCompleted View More
294Reducing computational complexity using FPGA to study structure and dynamical properties of nanoparticlesCompleted View More
295Design and Development of Efficient Cancelable Template Generation Methods for Figngerprint and Iris BiometricsCompleted View More
296Designing Bimetallic Complexes with Cooperative Metal-Metal Interactions for the Multi-electron Reduction of Small MoleculesCompleted View More
297Development of new catalytic systems for efficient transformation of biomass/biomass derivatives to biofuel componentsOngoing View More
298Transition metal promoted functionalization of C(sp2)-H bonds: A strategy to build phenyl thiophenyl, tryptophan amino acid and purine nucleoside derivativesCompleted View More
299Flourimetric biosensor for detection and quantification of insecticides and pesticides using recombinant organo-phosphorus hydrolase expressed in E. ColiOngoing View More
300Bulk Heterojunction solar cell with highly electron deficient porphyrin-fullerene (C₆₀) tetrads as an acceptorCompleted View More
301Sustainable and Economical Functionally Graded Rubberized Concrete Pavements Completed View More
302Development of Low Voltage, High Sensitivity Organic Photosensitive Transistors for Near Infrared Light SensorsOngoing View More
303Probing the extreme physics around compact objects in binary and isolated systems through investigations of their burst and outburst behaviourOngoing View More
304Numerical investigation of Flow and heat transfer characteristics of three dimensional impinging jet/jets on an isothermal hot surfaceCompleted View More
305Leptons from heavy flvour hadron decays in proton-proton collisions at the LHCCompleted View More
306Investigations on Strctuteal and thermos-mechanical behavior of the Cu- based shape memory alloy bi-morphs prepared by laser assisted manufacuringCompleted View More
307Development of new small molecules and device architectures for highly efficient and reliable organic solar cellsCompleted View More
308Desiging of Molecular Cataysts for CO2 Hydrogenation Reaction using Moller-Pleset Perturbation TheoryCompleted View More
309Investigating Conformational Dynamics of N-Glycans and the Effect of Glycosylation on the Structure and Dynamics of Hepatitis C Virus Glycoproteins via Molecular Dynamics Simulations Completed View More
310Fabrication of efficient Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Heterojunction Solar cells (OIHSCs) containing Lead Free Perovskite Compound and Polymeric Hole ConductorsCompleted View More
311Design and Development of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Bi-morph drive for waste thermal heat energy recovering systemCompleted View More
312Fabrication of ZnO/MgZnO based Ultraviolet photodetectorOngoing View More
313Big Data Aware High Capacity Wireless Network Architecture Using Coaching and Machine Learning Ongoing View More
314Development of ZnO- based heterostructures for HEMT applications (Revised)Ongoing View More
315Design and Fabrication of prestrained post buckled shape memory ally(SMA) composite to develop adaptive flapper for missiles Completed View More
316Synthesis and characterization of semiconductor nano-wires using metal assisted chemical etching and its application in field emission and tunable light emitting devicesOngoing View More
317Knowledge Incubation for Technical Education under Technical Education Quality Improvement Program of MHRDOngoing View More
318Self- Powered wearable /non- wearable metal oxide triboelectric gas sensorsCompleted View More
319Synthesis and catalytic activity of manganese and iron cyclopentadienyl complexesCompleted View More
320Designed synthesis of Covalent Organic Frameworks for toxic heavy metal ion detection: Experimental and theoretical approachCompleted View More
321Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites (CPC) for Selective and Sensitive Sensors Detection of Explosives arrayCompleted View More
322Assessment of impact of climate change on crop water requirements and productivity of major crop in sikkim, Himalayan region of northeast IndiaCompleted View More
323An Integral Assessment of groundwater and surface water using stable isotopes of waterOngoing View More
324Process Documentation of Samagra PortalCompleted View More
325Development of Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Electrical Steel with High Si content Ongoing View More
326Flourimetric biosensor for detection and quantification of insecticides and pesticides using recombinant organophosphorous hydrolase expressed in E. coli.Completed View More
327Democratization of Indian Christianity: Dalit Christian Liberation Movement in Contemporary IndiaCompleted View More
328Samagra Process Documentation A Policy Recommendation for UNICEF and Government of Madhya PradeshCompleted View More
329National Workshop on Digital Tools for Humanities Research View More
330Germanium junction less transistors for low power logic technology applicationsCompleted View More
331 Innovative low power transistor architectures for capacitorless DRAMCompleted View More
332Synergistic effect of self-assembling organic inorganic hybrid materials for the applications in nanoscencesCompleted View More
333Design and development of a trusted and accountable cloud computing platformCompleted View More
334Non canonical role of macrophage matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) in alcoholic disease (ALD)Completed View More
335Design and development of an economical light weight and multi-purpose four degrees of freedom hybrid robotic motion platformCompleted View More
336Synthesis of anticancer natural product-tubulysins and synthetic derivativesCompleted View More
337Role of Nuclear Receptor coactivator PGC1β in diabetes mediated endothelial cell dysfunction and angiogenesisOngoing View More
338Designing of Mn-based Electrocatalysts for CO2 vs. Proton ReductionCompleted View More
340Development of Counter Measure for Presentation attack on Biometric Systems with Focus on hand Geometry and palm print Based SystemsCompleted View More
341Quasi -2D Silicon Photonic Crystal Based Hollow Waveguide for Optical Communications & SensingCompleted View More
342Multiscale Simulations of Protein-Glycan Complexs: Toward Understanding the Molecular Basis of Host-Pathogen Interactions and Immune ResponseOngoing View More
343Development and study of the effect of valence plasmonic features and band alignment on the performance of cadmium-free and cost-effective chalcopyrite and kesterite heterojunctions for photovalraic applicationsCompleted View More
344Nano Optoelectronic Sensing Platform based on Slot-waveguide for Fast and Efficient Lab-on-chip ApplicationsCompleted View More
345Investigation on calibration of smart metal based micro stages using swept source interferometryCompleted View More
347Building capacity in collaborative research for advanced manufacturingCompleted View More
348Synthesis of ferrocene based polymeric materials and their application as cathode in rechargeable batteries: A new possibility in energy storage.Completed View More
349Classification and prediction of Alzheimer disease using multimodal imaging dataCompleted View More
350Development of the technique for the growth of metal oxide Nano-porous materials for supercapacitors applicationsCompleted View More
351Design and Development of metal \ metal oxide nano particles and their catalytic applicationsCompleted View More
352Organometallic Based MOFs: Synthesis, Structures and PropertiesCompleted View More
353To identify essential kinases and their signaling in Epstein-Barr virus-mediated tumorigenesis.Ongoing View More
354Design and Development of Shape Memory Alloy belt for Exhaust heat recovery from an Automotive engineCompleted View More
355Quantum Gravity in Rindler Space Completed View More
356Reliability Modeling of FinFET and its Application in Circuit Design: A Device Circuit Co-DesignCompleted View More
357Design, synthesis and characterization of new D–A–pi-A2 chromophores for Dye Sensitized Solar CellsCompleted View More
358Fine properties of weakly differentiable functions and geometric properties of domainsCompleted View More
359Geometry of Hyperbolic type metrics and their applications in analytic function theoryCompleted View More
360Wet-chemical approach to fabricate visible-near infrared light harvesting photoelectrodesOngoing View More
361Seroepidemiology, molecular characterization and development of diagnostic tools for bovine ephemeral fever virus (BEFV) isolates prevalent in IndiaCompleted View More
362Teaching Learning Centre for Internet of Things Ongoing View More
363Teaching Learning Centre for Internet-of-ThingsCompleted View More
364Reliability Modeling for FinFET and its Application in Circuit Design: A Device-Circuit Co-design ApproachCompleted View More
365Waste Utilization in Concrete As Aggregate: Asian PerspectiveCompleted View More
366Landslide hazard assessment and monitoring of the chibo-pashyor (Kalingpong) a nine mile in Sikkim using wireless sensor networkCompleted View More
367Wet-chemical approach to fabricate visible-near infrared light harvesting photoelectrodesCompleted View More
368Donor acceptor pyrazaboles for photonic applicationCompleted View More
370Neuronal nitric oxide synthase (NOSI) driven macrophage phenotype polarizationCompleted View More
371In-Situ Spectroscopic characterization of electrochromic materials for deveices applicationsCompleted View More
372Investigation of redox active conducting polymers for application in resistive memory devicesCompleted View More
373Determination of band offsets by photoelectron spectroscopy and identification of chemical and physical states of atoms of chalcogenide and kesterite materialsCompleted View More
374Award of Ramanujan FellowshipCompleted View More
376Analysis of complex Systems and emerging behaviour under the combined framework of network theory and random matrix theoryCompleted View More
377Investigation and modelling of the relationships among cutting tool wear, product quality and operating conditions based on online condition monitoringCompleted View More
378Challenges in Particle Physics after Higgs DiscoveryCompleted View More
379Special Manpower Development Programme for Chips to System DesignCompleted View More
380Target eb3-ip3r interaction as a therapeutic strategy for prevention of lung vascular permeability in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)Completed View More
381Reversible mechanochromism and aggregation induced emission (AIE) in tetraphenylethylene derivativesCompleted View More
382Design and development of integrated nanophotonic platform based on hybrid photonic-plasmonic waveguide for communication and bio-sensingCompleted View More
383Synthesis of the metal nanoparticles functionalized with thiolate chelated metal carbonyl clusters and their application as heterogeneous biomimetic hydrogenasesCompleted View More
384INSPIRE FACULTY AWARD: Nasal Delivery of Anti-Retroviral Theranostic Nano-Enabled CarriersOngoing View More
385INSPIRE FACULTY AWARD: Solid Electrolytes for All Solid State Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Completed View More
386Visvesvaraya Ph.D Scheme for Electronics & ITCompleted View More
387Exploring tetrazole based transition cpmplexes in the field of catalysis luminescent material and bioactivityCompleted View More
388Challenges in Particle Physics after Higgs DiscoveryCompleted View More
389Synthesis and propertics of fluorescent (ɳ6-arene)Ru-and(ɳ5-C5Me5)/Rh/Ir-complex based on chromene derivatives and their bio-catalytic activityCompleted View More
390Assessment of Snowfall and Glacier Melt Runoff contribution in upstream part of Teesta River catchment using Hydrological Modeling and field based measurementsCompleted View More
391Novel Homochiral Metal-Organic Framework for Chiral, Achiral melecules inclusion and Reversible Gas Storage ApplicationsOngoing View More
392Glacio-hydrological studies in two contrasting watersheds in the Indian HimalayaCompleted View More
393Integrated studies of cloud- aerosol-precipitation system in the Indian region in a climate change scenarioOngoing View More
395Nano- Size materials anchored by metal complexes catalysts- synthesis and application in hydrocarbons oxidation (O2) and hydro-isomerization reactionsCompleted View More
396Development of Organocatalytic mediated asymetric synthesis of highly functionalized tetrahydrocarbazole derivative as a privileged structure.Completed View More
397Momentum and heat transport from a porou square body to a fluid streamCompleted View More
399Development of multi- objective design space exploration methodologies in Architectural synthesis of data intensive applications for specific processor designCompleted View More
400Development of novel phase change memory (PCM) material for high density non- volatile electronic memory applicationsCompleted View More
401Spray Characterization using laser Diagnostic TechniquesCompleted View More
402Electrical, optical , elemental and structural properties of dual-ion-beam-sputter deposited plasmonic-based gropu I-III-VI2-chalcopyrite photovoltaic thin filmCompleted View More
403New catalytic systems based on arene-ruthenium complexes for direct C-N bond formationCompleted View More
404Exploring novel electrode materials, through surface/interface modification for new generation Li-ion batteries with improved performance/capacitiesCompleted View More
405Generalized method of fabrication of tunable self-assembly to design nano-scale arrays & patterns- engineering of the electro- magnetic field in the nano- scale an important goal of photonicsCompleted View More
406Investigation of analog/RF and digital performance of Cylindrical Gate (ClyG) Gate-All-Around (GAA) Tunnel Field Effect Transistor (TFET) For Ultra Low Power ApplicationsCompleted View More
407Development of High Performance Falling Film Tower for Liquid Desiccant SystemsCompleted View More
414Establishment of an Innovation & Enterpreneurship Development Centre (IEDC)Completed View More
415Visvesvaraya Ph.D Scheme for Electronics & ITCompleted View More
416Development of High Performance Falling Film Tower for Liquid Desiccant SystemsCompleted View More
417Development of electrochemical devices from metal oxidesCompleted View More
418Synthesis and environmental degradation study of aluminium-chromium-copper-manganese-iron-tungsten based high entropy alloy for high temperature applicationCompleted View More
419Quantification of Soil organic carbon sequestration using remote sensing and field based approachCompleted View More
420Holographic ramifications of phase transitions in D brane configuration spaceCompleted View More
421Perturbation analysis on singular multiparameter eigenvalue problems with various structuresCompleted View More
422A Therapeutic Approach for Targeting CAG Repeat expansion RNA that causes Huntington disease (HD) and spino cerebral ataxias (SCAs)Completed View More
423To Investigate the Photoluminescence Properties of Water Soluble Biocompatible Quantum Dots by using Single Molecule Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy (TIRFM)Completed View More
424Analyzing Evolution of Complex Systems using Coupled Dynamics on Network ModelsCompleted View More
425Studies on Targeted Organometallic Anticancer Drugs and their Mode of ActionCompleted View More
426Synchrophasor based real time wide area security assessment.Completed View More
427Analytical and Simulation Study of Biodirectional Relaying Strategies in Cognitive Radio NetworksCompleted View More
428Augmentation of effective thermal conductivity of metal hydride bedsCompleted View More
429Design, fabrication and ultrafast electrical switching of nanoscale ovonic threshold-switch (OTS) selectors for high-density phase change Memory (PCM) applications.Completed View More
430Design, Development and Control of a New Three Degree of Freedom (3-DOF) Parallel Robot for X-Y-Theta (XYθZ) MotionCompleted View More
431Evaluation of Mechanical properties of Ti-B-N–SiC composite coating developed by seld propagating high-temperature synthesis and laser alloying Completed View More
432ALICE-Operation and UtilizationCompleted View More
433Development of high sensitivity organic photo transistors through fine control of film morphology and interfacial effects.Completed View More
434Convective heat transfer enhancement from heated bluff bodies using nanofluidsCompleted View More
435Development of Photoacoustic Imaging Techniques for Non-Invasive Imaging of Solitary Thyroid NodulesCompleted View More
436Quantitative Substrate-Strain Induced Effect on Optical, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of ManganitesCompleted View More
437Studies of Certain Thiocarboxylate Based Ligands and their Metal Complexes: Synthesis, X-Ray Structure and Electrochemical PropertiesCompleted View More
438New Computer Modelling Techniques for Studying Nanoalloy ClustersCompleted View More
439Study of Half Sandwich Ru and Rh Complexes based on Nitrogen and Phosphorous Donor LigandsCompleted View More
440Atomic Modeling of Cathode Electrode for PEM Fuel CellsCompleted View More
441Development of a Novel Vertically Stackable Cross-Point Phase Change Memory Devices for High-Density Non-Volatile Random Access Memory (NVRAM) ApplicationsCompleted View More
442EIKHOI: A Design Initiative for a transformative Community SystemCompleted View More
443Development of Hybrid ZnO-based Multiple Quantum-well Ultraviolet-Visible Light emitting Diode by Dual Ion Beam Sputtering DepositionCompleted View More
444Crystal engineering using I(Te)…pi secondary interactions, as a method for preparation of organometallic-based electro-conductive and magnetic materialsCompleted View More
445Promotion of Environmental Friendly Plasma Nitriding / Nitrocarburizing Process for wear and Corrosion Resistance of Industrial ComponentsCompleted View More
446Characterizations of pure and doped AB7O12 type multiferroic oxides using Indus synchrotron radiation sourceCompleted View More
447New Thermoelectric Materials Design Based on early Transition Metal CompoundCompleted View More
448Recycling Krylov Subspaces for Parametric Model Order Reduction and Uncertainty TheoryCompleted View More
449Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties correlation in Multiferroic Spinel ChalogenidesCompleted View More
450“High Pressure Synthesis of Novel Superconductors, Single Crystal Growth and Physical Prosperities Measurements to Determine the Guiding Principle for Enhancement of Tc ”Completed View More
451Integration of biodiesel  production with wastewater treatment using cyanobacterial speciesCompleted View More
452Analysis and Classification of EEG Signals based on Nonlinear and Nonstationary Signal ModelsCompleted View More
453Unified and Compact Analytical Modeling of Nanoscale Gate - all - Around Multigate MOSFETsCompleted View More
454Design, Fabrication and Characterization of high-quality zinc oxide (ZnO) nanostructure-based nano-devicesCompleted View More
455Radiative Decays of the omega Meson with WASA -at-COSYCompleted View More
456Investigations on ferroelectric, magnetic and structural correlation in RMnO3 (R = Rare earth ions) multiferroic thin filmsCompleted View More
457Development of Novel Organocatalyst for Asymmetric (4+2) Diels-Alder Reaction of α-Substituted-α, β-Unsaturated Aldehydes or Ketones with Dienes: Access a Chiral Quaternary Carbon CenterCompleted View More
458Perylenedimide derivatives as Two-photon Absorbing materialsCompleted View More
459Evaluation of Junctionless Transistor Architecture for Next Generation CMOS Devices and CircuitsCompleted View More
460Systematic study of optical properties of semiconductor nenocrustals synthezised usign ion implentation techniquesCompleted View More
461Analysing gene co-expression networks under random matrix theory frameworkCompleted View More
462Development of ZnO-Heterostructure Based High-Efficiency Bluish Light Emitting DiodeCompleted View More
463Generation of Dynamic Peptide Libraries towards the Applications in Biology and NanosciencesCompleted View More
464AID and somatic hypermutation of immunoglobulin (Ig) genesCompleted View More
465Size and Shape Controlled Magneto-Optical Nanoparticles for Cancer Cell Imaging and Photo-thermal TherapyCompleted View More
466Synthesis of Non-Stoichiometric Metal Oxides (M=Ti, Nb, Zr, Ta, V) for Photocatalytic ActivitiesCompleted View More
467Photophysical and dynamical behavior of drug molecules in biological mediaCompleted View More
468Molecular self-assembly directed via chemical reactions for the application in biology and nanosciencesCompleted View More
469Heteronuclear coordination polymers inspired by cycloaddition and hydrogen bonds: Towards dynamic porous metal organic frameworksCompleted View More
470The impact of patent policy on India's innovativeness and technology transfer Completed View More
471Explaining the Moral Compass: Away from the Dead EndCompleted View More
472Ferrocenyl Porphyrins as Optical Limiting MaterialsCompleted View More
473Experimental Investigations and Performance Optimization of High-Precision Finishing of Gears by Electro Chemical Honing (ECH) ProcessCompleted View More
474Dpiaccelerator: Hardware accelerators for deep packet Inspection (DPI) applicationsOngoing View More
475Design and Development of Novel, Highly Scalable, Ultrafast Phase Change Memory for Universal Memory Applications Transferred View More
476Sustainable Water Governance in the Monuments of Medival India: A Technographic Analysis of Water Knowledge in Mandu City, Madhya PradeshOngoing View More


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