R&D Patent

S. No. Patent Title Status
1Ardekani, S., Ghosh, K., Gupta, S. and Mohideen, U. Microvascular normalization properties of Nitroglycerin nanotherapeutics, USA, US20180177724A1, 2016Published
2Anbarasu Manivannan, Krishna Dayal Shukla, Nishant Saxena Ultrafast Programmable Electrical Test System, India, 201721016295, 2017Pending
3Chouhan,P, S. Shiva, Lad, B. K. and Palani I A. Design and Development of a detachable Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) ring using MIG based additive manufacturing for passive damping in machine tool operations, India, 201721007136, 2017Pending
4Anirban Sengupta Design Space Exploration of Optimal k-Cycle Transient Fault Tolerant Datapath Based on Multi-Objective Power-Performance Tradeoff, India, 2456/MUM/2014, 2014Published
5I A. Palani, B. K. Lad, Tameshwar Nath, Pradep Kundu Thermo-Mechanical Test Bench for Reliability Estimation of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Springs., India, 201621007005, 2017Pending
6Saumya Jaiswal, Sharad Gupta, Abhijeet Joshi ULTRASONIC ATOMIZER-BASED FABRICATION OF SILK NANO-PARTICLES FOR THERANOSTICS, India, 201921031158, 2019Filed
7V. Bhatia and A. Bishnu Method and apparatus for low complexity natural gradient based OFDM channel estimator, India, 201621034423, Oct, 2016, 2016Published
8Gunjan P., Parul G. and Gourinath Wheelchair System With Brain Computer Interface And Gesture Recognition, India, 201821010650, 2018Published
9Venkatesh, Chelvam; Sagnik, Sengupta; Mena, Asha Krishnan; Amit, Pandit New Small Molecule Inhibitors/Ligands for Early Diagnosis and Therapy of Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA+) Cancers and Neurodegenerative Diseases, India, 201821044594, 2018Filed
10Vikas Vijayvargiya and S. K. Vishvakarma High Performance Double Gate Tunnel Field Effect Transistor For Low Power Applications, India, 201721000199, 2017Published
11Gourinath Banda Systems and methods for providing safe confluence modality , US and India, US14/174,285, 2013Granted
12Mayur Sudhakar Sawant, Pankaj Kumar, Neelesh Kumar Jain Magnetic Field Assisted Micro-plasma Transferred Arc Powder Additive Layer Manufacturing Process, India, Indian Patent Application Number: 201921022471, 2019Published
13Venkatesh, C., Dudhe, P., Krishnan, M. A., Sonawane, A., Method and system for metal-free solvent-free synthesis of fused-pyrido heterocycles and their biological activities against cancer and multi-drug resistant pathogens, India, 201921029311, 2019Granted
14V. Bhatia, H. Haidery, H. Dogra Method and apparatus for recording, archiving, media management and playing back of a telephone call, India, 2317/MUM/2015, 2015Published
15Manish Kumar Goyal, Jhilam sinha and Jew Das A METHOD FOR MEASURING HYDROLOGICAL RESILIENCE OF A REGION IN RESPONSE TO WARMING SHIFTS , India, 201921037336, 2019Filed
16Jagadeesh Kadiyam and Santhakumar Mohan HYBRID UNDERWATER VEHICLE FOR OCEAN OBSERVATIONS, India, 201821009575, 2018Pending
18Anirban Sengupta Embedding Watermark based on Multi-Variable Signature Encoding at Behaviour Level for Reusable IP Core Protection, India, 4466/MUM/2015, 2015Pending
19Anirban Sengupta System and methodology for development of a system architecture using optimization parameters, India, Patent no. US 8,397,204, 2013Pending
20Anirban Sengupta Method and System for Automatic Fault Recovery and True Output Extraction during High Level Synthesis, India, 2478/MUM/2014, 2014Pending
21Akash kumar jain,Akash K, Aniket Jhadav, Gaurva Karmarkar, I.A.Palani A UNIVERSAL TESTING MACHINE FOR ANALYSIS OF PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF THIN FILM SHEETS AND A METHOD THEREOF, Indian Patent, 201721035555, 2017Published
22C. B. Kushwah, S. K. Vishvakarma P-N tuned differential 8T static random access memory (SRAM) cell, India, 2860/MUM/2015, 2015Published
23Nandakishor Yadav and Santosh Kumar Vishvakarma Read Recharge (RRC) based Process Variation Tolerant 10T SRAM Cell, India, 201621035991, 2016Published
24Anirban Sengupta System and Method for Development of System Architecture, India, Patent no. US 8,826,199 B2, 2014Pending
25V. Bhatia, V.S. Tomar A multi-frequency based transceiver, India, 2242/MUM/2015, June 2015, 2015Filed
26Gourinath Banda System and Apparatus for Electrical Energy Conservation, India, 4092/MUM/2015, 2015Granted
27Vishal Sharma and Santosh Kumar Vishvakarma An Ultra-Low-Power, read decoupled-differential write 10T SRAM cell with larger read/write noise margin, India, 201621033995, 2016Granted
28A. Kranti and M. Gupta Multiple gate junctionless MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor), India, 2594/MUM/2015, 2015Pending
29I.A.Palani,B.K.Lad,Tameshwar nath, Pradeep Kundu Thermo-mechanical test bench for reliability estimation of Shape memory alloy spring, India, TEMP/E-1/6257/2016-MUM, 2016Published
30Trilok Gupta, Sandeep Chaudhary, Ravi Kr Sharma, Sudhir Kr Jain Method of Preparation of Conplas Paver Block utilizing waste polythene, India, Application No. 202011002264A, 2020Published
31Aruna Tiwari, Ashok Pencily Poothiyat, Kunal Chaudhary SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SIGN LANGUAGE GESTURE RECOGNITION, India, 1988/MUM/2015 , 2015Awaiting
32V. Bhatia and A. Bishnu Method and apparatus for Detection of Active Taps Location in OFDM System, India, 201621036738, Oct, 2016, 2016Published
33V. Bhatia, S. Kalsi, D. Singh, S. Goyal Method and apparatus for managing phone/device profile based on an event, India, 3415/MUM/2015, 2015Published
34Santhakumar Mohan and Jayant Kumar Mohanta A REHABILITATION ROBOT FOR LOWER LIMB GAIT THERAPY, India, 4757/MUM/2015 , 2015Approved
35Anirban Sengupta Improved Schedule Delay Estimation Process for Datapath during High Level Synthesis of Application Specific Processors, India, 2482/MUM/2014, 2014Published
36V. Bhatia, S. Prakash and A. Chatterjee Method and apparatus for Anti-theft Fingerprint Biometry, India, 201721024430 dated July 11, 2017, 2017Filed
37B. K. Lad, M. S. Kulkarni, V. S. Pandhare, N. Agrawal, K. Upasani, M. Bakshi Method And System For Providing Smart Communications For Distributed Operations Planning In An Industrial Network, Indian Patent Office, 201621007003, 2017Pending
38Mark C. Hersam, Albert L. Lipson, Sudeshna Bandyopadhyay, Hunter. J. Karmel, Michael J. Bedzyk Method of enhanced lithiation of doped silicon carbide via high-temperature annealing in an inert atmosphere, US, US 8,734, 674 B1, 2012Granted
39Santhakumar Mohan and Yogesh Singh A MECHANISM OF 2PRP-PRR PLANAR PARALLEL MANIPULATOR AND A METHOD THEREOF, India, 4678/MUM/2015, 2015Approved
40I.A.Palani, Shilpa Raut, Mohini pulwalkar, Aditya govil,Karthick S A Smart cervical collar , India, 201721008038, 2017Published
42V. Bhatia and A. Bishnu Method and apparatus for low power source spectrum sensing, India, 201721021637, June, 2017, 2017Published
43A. Kranti and N. Navlakha Multiple gate tunneling field effect transistor device for capacitorless dynamic memory, India, 201621007078, 2016Pending
44Venkatesh, C., Sengupta, S., Krishnan, M. A., Pandit, A. New small molecule inhibitors/ligands for early diagnosis and therapy of prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA+) cancers and neurodegenerative diseases, USA, 16695851, 2019Filed
45Kharey, P. and Gupta, S. Green synthesis of biocompatible and near infrared active eugenate (4-allyl-2-methoxyphenolate) capped iron oxide nanoparticles for deep tissue imaging and therapy, USA, 16/043901, 2018Filed
46Dr.I.A.Palani, Ashish Shukla, Dr. Akash K, Dr. Anbarasu M, Dr. Vipul Singh, A DUAL AXIS CONTINUOUS SOLAR TRACKING SYSTEM USING SHAPE MEMORY ALLOY BIMORPH BASED SOLAR PANEL, Indian Patent, 201721026063, 2017Published
47V. Bhatia, S. Jain, A. Tripathi System and method for emergency services, India, 2033/MUM/2015, May, 2015, 2015Filed
48Trilok Gupta, Ravi Kr. Sharma, Sandeep Chaudhary, Salman Siddique Composition for preparation of paver block utilizing rubber waste, India, Application No. 202011018399 A, 2020Published
50Anirban Sengupta Design Space Exploration System and Method Thereof Using a Bacterial Foraging Optimization Mechanism, India, 2440/MUM/2014, 2014Granted
51V. Bhatia, A. Tripathi, A. Bapat System, method and device for low cost identification of road congestion for traffic management, India, 201621010338, March, 2016, 2016Published
52V. Bhatia, V.S. Tomar A Software Defined Radio Module to perform an inter-system communications, India, 4227/MUM/2015, Nov, 2015, 2015Filed
53Santhakumar Mohan and Jayant Kumar Mohanta SIX DEGREE OF FREEDOM PARALLEL MANIPULATOR IN RPRS CONFIGURATION, India, 201621019170, 2016Approved
54Shaibal Mukherjee, Abhinav Kranti, Md Arif Khan, and Rohit Singh A method of fabricating high two dimensional electron gas density yielding zinc oxide heterostructure, India, 201721010866, 2017Published
55Anirban Sengupta Design Space Exploration of Optimal Kc-Cycle Transient Fault Secured Datapath System with Intelligent Cut Insertion, India, 63/MUM/2015, 2015Published
56Bhupendra Reniwal and S.K.Vishvakarma Offset Compensated Data Sensing Technique for Low Energy Embedded RAM, India, 201621034132, 2016Published
57Pooran Singh and Santosh Kumar Vishvakarma Low leakage-high stability differential positive feedback controlled 10T (DPFC10T) SRAM Cell, India, 201621038192, 2016Granted
58Shaibal Mukherjee and Amitesh Kumar Dual ion beam sputtered cost-effective and non-volatile resistive memory devices, India, 201621020046, 2016Published
59Abhijeet Joshi, Bhavana Joshi, Jaspreet Kaur, Gaurav Pandey Ultrasonic atomizer based method for development of biodegradable anticancer nanoparticles, microspheres, and hybrid microparticles, India, 20192101573, 2019Filed
60Anirban Sengupta Design Space Exploration Of An Optimized Hardware Trojan Detectable/Secured Datapath During High Level Synthesis, India, 1666/MUM/2015, 2015Published
61Shaibal Mukherjee, Abhinav Kranti, Rohit Singh and Md Arif Khan A method of fabricating zinc oxide based heterostructure for high electron mobility transistor, India, 201721007309, 2017Published
62V. Bhatia and R. Mitra System, method and apparatus for Low Complexity Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) receiver for mixed constellation, India, 201621018329, May, 2016, 2016Published
63Sanjay Kumar Singh, Nirupama Sheet, Mahendra Kumar Awasthi Catalytic process for hydrogen production from polyethylene terpthalate (PET) waste, India, 202021020639, 2020Filed
64Sanjay Kumar Singh, Mahendra Kumar Awasthi Catalyst for low temperature hydrogen production, India, 201921040586, 2019Filed
65Dr. Yuvraj K Madhukar, Mr Anas Ullah Khan, Dr Satyajeet Chatterjee, Dr I. A. Palani, Dr Kazi Sabiruddin A SWARF-BASED SUBSTRATE USED FOR ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING, AND PROCESS OF PREPARATION OF SAME, India, 202121000441, 2021Filed
66Venkatesh, C., Amit, P., Ramesh, B.R., Kratika, Y., Diptendu, R., Biswarup, P Computer-aided design, development, synthesis and biological evaluation of third generation tubulysin family of compounds as anticancer agents, India, 202021036140, 2020Filed
67Venkatesh, c., Premansh, D., Mena, A.K., Avinash, S., Metal-Free Solvent-Free Synthesis of Fused-Pyrido Heterocycles and Biomedical Applications, USA, 16931838, 2021Filed
68Venkatesh, C., Amit, P., Ramesh, B.R., Kratika, Y., Diptendu, R., Biswarup, P Third generation tubulysin analogues and process of preparation thereof, USA, 17198918, 2021Filed
69Venkatesh, C., Premansh, D., Mena, A.K., Avinash, S., Method and system for metal-free solvent-free synthesis of fused pyrido-heterocycles, China, 202010697100.X, 2020Filed
70Minu Treesa Abraham, Neelima Satyam and Biswajeet Pradhan MODELLING CALIBRATION OF FRICTION PARAMETERS FOR DEBRIS FLOW, Australia, , 2021Granted


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