Promotion of Research and Innovation for Undergraduate Students (PRIUS)

To promote and support research and innovation based projects amongst undergraduate students, IIT Indore has started a new scheme through which it supports:

  • undergraduate students in the research laboratories at IIT Indore,
  • undergraduate students for international collaborative research projects, and
  • encouraging projects leading to innovation by undergraduate students

The scheme is applicable for undergraduate students enrolled at IIT Indore and a part of the PRIUS project must be carried out at IIT Indore. For the implementation of this scheme, the student who wishes to pursue an undergraduate research project must identify a faculty supervisor from IIT Indore. PRIUS undergraduate projects should typically run for a period of at least six months and it is to be understood that these projects will not in any way come in the way of the student's regular academic obligations and requirements for fulfilling the requirements for the award of degree. Undergraduate students identified to utilize this opportunity must finish their work before the end of final semester of the coursework.

Some of the completed and ongoing PRIUS projects carried out by undergraduate students of IIT Indore are listed below:

  • Ultrasonic Machining (USM) Device - Design and Fabrication
  • Design and Development of a bio-mimetic robotic fish using smart materials
  • Design and Development of Inverted Stewart Platform for 3-D Printing & Micro-Machining
  • Design and Development of highly efficient wave energy converter (WEC)
  • Design and Development of a Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot
  • Design and Development of a DOF Manipulator
  • Design and Development of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuated Directional Control Valve (DVC)
  • Designing Water Flow Controller for Dual Ion Beam Sputtering Deposition (DIBSD) Facility
  • Automation of Abrasive Jet Machine Setup
  • Investigation on Resource Allocation Algorithms for Green Cellular Networks
  • High Energy Physics

List of Publications in International Journals/Conferences from PRIUS funding for undergraduate students:

PRIUS Project Title: A Protocol to manage and control IoT-enabled devices using smartphones.
Supervisor: Dr. Gourinath Banda
Publication in International Conference (In Press):
Dr. Gourinath Banda, Chaitanya BK and Harsh M., An IoT Protocol and Framework for OEMs to make IoT-enabled devices forward compatible, SIGNAL IMAGE TECHNOLOGY & INTERNET BASED SYSTEMS, 2015

PRIUS Project Title: Design and development of 3/2 Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuated Directional Control Valve (DCV).
Supervisor: Dr. I.A. Palani and Dr. B.K. Lad
Publication in International Conference:
Himanshu Singh, Pratik Juikar, Failure Diagnosis & Reliability Assessment of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Spring for Micro–Actuators, Proc of International Conference on Robotics, Automation, Control and Embedded Systems – RACE 2015, At Hindustan University Chennai, IEEE Catalog Number: CFP15A39-POD , ISBN: 978-1-4799-7077-3


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