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IIT Indore envisages the convergence of traditional disciplines as the key to accomplish the previously unimaginable. With this foresight, IIT Indore has been promoting inter- disciplinary research programmes focusing on basic and applied research, technology development and innovation. This vision has helped the institute to excel in all spheres of science, engineering, and humanities and social sciences.
A key competency of IIT Indore is research driven academic programme as it forms a core component of the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. IIT Indore has consciously promulgated the idea of involving undergraduate students in forefront research projects. This led to the initiation of a formal undergraduate research scheme, Promotion of Research and Innovation for Undergraduate Students (PRIUS).
Research at IIT Indore has been recognized at both international and national level. Faculty members and scientists are actively involved in several key international projects and joint collaborations with research organizations in Japan, South Korea, Russian Federation, Portugal, France, Germany, UK, USA, and many other countries.
Center of Innovation, Incubation, Entrepreneurship and Industry Relations (CIIEIR) was established to encourage entrepreneurship for technology development, economic and social stability. IIT Indore community is actively working towards establishing their own start-ups and thereby applying innovation into practicality for the benefit of all. In the coming years, IIT Indore will develop into a world class centre for higher academic and industrial research, and innovation.











Metallurgy Engineering and Materials Science (MEMS)

HEAs or multicomponent alloys attract extensive concentration in the field of metallic material to the researchers due to their superior properties such as high strength, exceptional high-temperature strength, better structural stability, hardness, excellent wear resistance, good corrosion, and oxidation resistance for possible structural and functional applications. The present investigation also reports the prediction of the hardness of AlCrFeMnNiWx (x = 0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5) HEAs with the composition variation of tungsten by applying Artificial Neural Network (ANN) using various experimental data as input parameters. Read More

Electrical Engineering

Blind Parameter Estimation of Product and Turbo Convolutional Codes: Product codes are multidimensional codes constructed using multiple component codes. Turbo convolutional codes (TCC) is a parallel concatenation of multiple convolutional codes. Both the forward error correction (FEC) codes play a vital role in improving the performance of modern digital/wireless communication and storage systems. In the existing communication systems, the code parameters are known at the receiver. However, in a non-cooperative scenario, which exists in military and spectrum surveillance systems, the FEC code parameters are not known at the receiver. Hence, it is essential to blindly estimate the code parameters for decoding the message symbols. In our recent works, novel algorithms over noisy channel conditions are proposed Read More
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