S. No. Conference Title Venue Name of Organiser
12nd International Conference on Intelligent Robotics, Automation and Manufacturing (IRAM), 2013IIT IndoreProf Neelesh Kumar Jain
2Water: Resources, Challenges & SustainabilityIIT INDOREKIRAN BALA
3VLSI Design and TestIIT Indore, IndiaDr. Santosh Kumar Vishvakarma
4Role and Remembrance of Anonymous Fighters who contributed to India’s Freedom StruggleBhopalDr. Madan Dhanora
5Experimental Investigations on Thermal Stratification in a Large Pool of Water With Immersed Isolation CondenserOnline Prof. Steven Greco
6 Investigation of Fluid Flow and Heat transfer Characteristics of Synthetic Jet Impingement at different Strouhal NumberIIT Madras, Chennai, India,Dr. T Sundararajan
7Heat transfer enhancement of an impinging synthetic air jet using sharp-edged orificeIIT Madras, Chennai, India,Dr. T Sundararajan
8Numerical investigation on the flow and thermal behaviour of synthetic jet with different waveformsIIT Madras, Chennai, India,Dr. T Sundararajan
9 Exploring Humanities Pedagogies: Conversations, Commonalities, and Connections ( hosted online)Stanford University Stanford University
10International conference on Advanced Materials and Microstrucutre CharacterizationSRM ChennaiEswara Parasad Korimilli along with Dr. Kiran and few colleagues from other IITs
11International Conference on Materials Processing and CharacterizationIIT IndoreEswara Prasad Korimilli along with Prof. Anand parey and Prof. Swadesh Singh
12International Conference on Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing (ICMMSC), July 19-21, 2016IIT IndoreSk Safique Ahmad
13The Regional Turn in Digital humanities in IndiaOsaka, JapanPaul Arthur, Japanese Association of Digital Humanities (JADH)
14Towards and Indian Decolonial/Postcolonial DH Ottawa, CanadaConstance Crompton, ADHO
15Electronic Literature as DH: perspectives from Ghana and India onlineDibyadyuti Roy, DHARTI
16Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningonlineUKEIRI lecture series
17Beyond Defaults: Multilingual DH meets Cultural AnalyticsonlineDibyadyuti Roy,DHARTI
18Digital and Humanities: Fellow Travelers or Inconvenient Bedfellows? onlineWho is Afraid of the Humanities? A Lankan Podcast
19 Digital Humanities onlineUjjwal Jana, University of Pondicherry
20Digital Humanities Lecture seriesonlineEast West University, Bangladesh
21Electronic Literature in India: Does it exist?online Amity University
22Grand Challenges in the Humanities in India Brisbane, AustraliaAustralian Academy of Humanities
23New Global Trends in the Humanities University of Wroclow, Poland Academia Europaea, University of Wroclow, Poland
25Digital Humanities Lecture Series, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) JodhpurIndian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jodhpur
26International Conference on Media StudiesEFLU University, HyderabadEFLU University, Hyderabad
27Springer Scholarly Publishing Meet, KochiKochiSpringer
2811th International symposium on plasticity and impact mechanics, IMPLAST 2016IIT DelhiNarinder K. Gupta
2912th International Conference on Vibration Problems, ICOVP 2015IIT GuwahatiProf. Santosha K. Dwivedy
3012th International Symposium on Plasticity and Impact Mechanics IMPLAST 2019Busan, Republic of Korea J. K. Paik
31International Conference on Ships and Offshore Structures ICSOS 2018Gothenburg, Sweden J. K. Paik
32International Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction ManagementFederal Institute of Science And Technology (FISAT), Angamaly, Kerala, India Anitha P
3310th International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving - SocProS 2020 (Unlocking Optimization Tools) IIT IndoreDr. Aruna Tiwari
34Star Clusters: the Gaia RevolutionOnlineInstitute of Cosmos Sciences
35Gaia Symposium: DR2 and BeyondOnlineIndian Institute of Astrophysics
36ASI 2021 meetingOnlineICTS-TIFR Bengaluru, IISER Mohali, IIT Indore, IUCAA Pune
37Science with CTAOnlineASI 2021
38International Conference on “Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing (ICMMSC-2018)”IIT IndoreDr. Santanu Manna, IIT Indore
39International Conference on “Computational Mathematics in Nanoelectronics and Astrophysics”IIT IndoreDr. S.K. Sahoo, IIT Indore
40International Conference on “Machine Intelligence and Signal Processing (MISP 2017)”IIT IndoreDr. M. Tanveer, IIT Indore
41GIAN Course on "Theory and Application of Wavelets and Framelets" IIT IndoreDr. Niraj Kumar Shukla
42International Conference on Mathematical Modelling and Scientific ComputingIIT IndoreDr. Santanu Manna, Dr Sk Safique Ahmad, Dr Niraj Kumar Shukla, Dr Dhinakaran
43QIP Course "Wavelet via Matrices and its Applications in signals and image processing"IIT Indore(Online mode)Dr. Niraj Kumar Shukla, Dr. Sk. Safique Ahmad
45International Workshop on Wavelets and its Applications: Image Processing, Data Science and PDEs during December 06-10, 2021Online mode (IIT Indore & Manav Rachna University)Dr. Aparna Vyas(Manav Rachna University), Dr. Deepa Arora(Manav Rachna University), Dr. Niraj Kumar Shukla(IIT Indore)
46QIP Course "Short Term Course on Sampling theory and its Applications: Signal, Image processing and Data Science" during January 24-29, 2021IIT Indore (Online Mode)Dr. Niraj Kumar Shukla, Dr. Sk. Safique Ahmad
47QIP Course "Matrix Computations and its application in systems, signal and control problems" during Feb 16-21, 2021IIT Indore (Online Mode)Dr. Sk. Safique Ahmad, Dr. Niraj Kumar Shukla, Prof. Ram Bilas Pachori
48Indian Strings Meeting 2021IIT RoorkeeAalok Misra
49Preconference of Renewable Energy ConclaveJEC jabalpurAjay Kumar Kushwaha
50Preconference of Renewable Energy ConclaveIIT IndoreAjay Kumar Kushwaha
51Renewable Energy Conclave-2021IIT IndoreAjay Kumar Kushwaha
52Madhya Pradesh Vigyan Sammelan and Expo-2021:: 23-25 Dec 2021IIT IndoreAjay Kumar Kushwaha


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