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IIT Indore envisages the process of convergence of traditional disciplines as the key to accomplish the previously unimaginable. With this foresight, IIT Indore has been promoting multi-disciplinary research programme, focusing on basic and applied research, technology development and innovation. It is this vision that has helped the institute to do very well in all spheres of science, engineering and humanities and social sciences.


A core competency of IIT Indore is research driven academic programme as it forms a core component of the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. At IIT Indore, we have consciously promulgated the idea of involving undergraduate students in forefront research projects. This led to the initiation of a formal undergraduate research scheme entitled, "Promotion of Research and Innovation for Undergraduate Students".

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Research at IIT Indore has been recognized at international level with active participation in several key international projects and several joint collaborations with research organizations in Japan, South Korea, Russian Federation, Portugal, France, Germany, USA, and many other countries. The institute has been successful in securing 82 externally sponsored research projects worth over Rs. 22 Crores.


IIT Indore recognizes that encouraging entrepreneurship for technology development, economic and social stability is need of the hour. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) at IIT Indore was started with the same vision. IIT Indore students are in the process of having their own start-ups thus applying innovation into practicality for the benefit of all. In the coming years, IIT Indore will develop into a world class centre for higher academic and industrial research and innovation.



RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS : Mechanical Engineering

An underwater vehicle plays a major role in monitoring the marine life. The limitation with conventional rigid body vehicles are noisy, self weight and harmful for the underwater creatures. Soft robotics is an emerging field of study in which the robot is fabricated using soft polymers and flexible reinforced sheets which is compliant in nature. Instead of conventional motor based actuator, the soft robots uses smart actuators such as Shape memory alloy, piezoelectric, ionic polymer metal composite for its actuation. This work presents the design, fabrication, modeling and hydrodynamic analysis of SMA wire actuated soft robotic jelly fish. Fabrication of the proposed design uses nitinol SMA wires attached to polyimide sheets as shown Figure. The preliminary studies show that the proposed jelly fish can move in water. A rubber string is attached between the fin ends and centre of the body. At rest the jelly fish remains in bell shape. The SMA wire is actuated through Joule heating which creates flapping motion of the fin. During cooling the jellyfish returns to the bell shaped structure due to the elasticity of rubber string. The continuous heating and cooling of the wire creates pulse and recovery motion of the fins which generate thrust to make the jelly fish to move. Figure shows the motion of jellyfish at different orientations.


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RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS : Humanities and Social Sciences

Focused Research Group in Human Factors (FRGHF) of IIT Indore has decoded the mystery of distracted driving. Distracted driving is a major concern regarding safety issues behind the wheel all over the world. From the last one and half decades, the problem of distracted driving has worsened as more information and entertainment based technologies have found their way in the vehicles. According to the reports from Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (Government of India) the total number of persons killed in road accidents increased by 4.6 per cent from 1,39,671 in 2014 to 1,46,133 in 2015.


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