Research & Development


ak Dr. Abhinav Kranti bklad Dr. Vimal Bhatia

Designation: Dean, Research & Development

Phone No.: +91-731-2438 709

Fax No.: +91-731-2438 721

Email: dean.rnd [at] iiti [dot] ac [dot] in

Designation: Associate Dean, Research & Development-I

Phone No.: +91-731-2438 709

Fax No.: +91-731-2438 721

Email: adord1 [at] iiti [dot] ac [dot] in

ak Dr. Bhargav Vaidya ca vl Ms. Jaya Vakade




Designation: Associate Dean, Research & Development-II

Phone No.: +91-731-2438 709

Fax No.: +91-731-2438 721

Email: adord2 [at] iiti [dot] ac [dot] in

Designation: Manager

Phone No.: +91-731-2438709

Fax No.: +91-731-2438 721

Email: jaya [at] iiti [dot] ac [dot] in

pradeep Mr. Pradeep Agarwal

Designation:Deputy Registrar, Research & Development

Phone No.:+91 732 4306 951

Email: drrnd [at] iiti [dot] ac [dot] in

no Ms. Nisha Birla rahul Mr. Sunny Namdev

Designation: Deputy Manager

Phone No.:+91-731-2438 733

Email: dm1rnd [at] iiti [dot] ac [dot] in

Designation: Deputy Manager (Accounts)

Phone No.: +91-731-2438 733

Email: dm2rnd [at] iiti [dot] ac [dot] in

no Mr. Palash Pokharna

Designation: Junior Assistant, R&D

Phone No.:+91-731-2438 733

Email: palashpokharna [at] iiti [dot] ac [dot] in


Note: The first point of contact for any information and/or query for Research and Development section is Deputy Registrar (R&D)