Research & Development



1Development of novel methodologies for secured, trusted & optimized reusable intellectual property (IP) cores for multi floating point unit on chip designOngoing
2Development of an Efficient Ear Biometric System and Investigation of Age Invariant Nature of Human EarOngoing
3Development of an Efficient Scalable Clustering Algorithms for Big Data and investigation of Integrated system for Protein Sequence ClassificationOngoing
4Develeopment of Novel Methodologies for secured, trusted & optimized reusable intellectual property (IP) cores for multi floating point unit on chip designOngoing
5Design and development of a trusted and accountable cloud computing platformOngoing
6Design and Development of Efficient Cancelable Template Generation Methods for Figngerprint and Iris BiometricsOngoing
7Recycling Krylov Subspaces for Parametric Model Order Reduction and Uncertainty TheoryCompleted
81. Extreme Learning Machine & Its Hardware Realization 2. Quantum based learning algorithm & Its Hardware Realization for signature verificationCompleted
9Development of multi- objective design space exploration methodologies in architectural synthesis of data intensive application for applications specific processor designCompleted


1Investigation of analog/RF and digital performance of cylindrical gate (ClyG) Gate-All-Around (GAA) Tunnel Field Effect Transistor (TFET) For ultra low power applicationsOngoing
2Development of ZnO- based heterostructures for HEMT applications (Revised)Ongoing
3Design of efficient strategies for phase estimation in optical metrology using advance signal processing techniquesOngoing
4Establishment of an Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC)Ongoing
5Development of novel phase change memory (PCM) material for high density non- volatile electronic memory applicationsOngoing
6Quasi -2D Silicon Photonic Crystal Based Hollow Waveguide for Optical Communications & Sensing Ongoing
7Fabrication of ZnO/MgZnO based Ultraviolet photodetectorOngoing
8Big Data Aware High Capacity Wireless Network Architecture Using Coaching and Machine Learning Ongoing
9Development and study of the effect of valence plasmonic features and band alignment on the performance of cadmium-free and cost-effective chalcopyrite and kesterite heterojunctions for photovalraic applicationsOngoing
10Study of Buffer absorber interface cation disorder and crystal structure of CuXSnSSe heterojunctionsOngoing
12Development of Low Voltage, High Sensitivity Organic Photosensitive Transistors for Near Infrared Light SensorsOngoing
13Design of robust communication receiver based on ofdm in interference limited channels for tvws (IEEE 802.22)Ongoing
14Special Manpower Development Programme for Chips to System DesignOngoing
15Microstructural and electronic parameters of hetrojunction solar cells on the base of Cu2ZnSn(S, Se)4 and Cu2(Sn, Ge) S3 materials grown by dual ion beam sputteringOngoing
16Determination of band offsets by photoelectron spectroscopy and identification of chemical and physical states of atoms of chalcogenide and kesterite materialsOngoing
17Reliability Modeling of FinFET and its Application in Circuit Design: A Device Circuit Co-DesignOngoing
18Innovative low power transistor architectures for capacitorless DRAMOngoing
19Development of a Novel Vertically Stackable Cross-Point Phase Change Memory Devices for High-Density Non-Volatile Random Access Memory (NVRAM) ApplicationsOngoing
20Germanium junctionless transistors for low power logic technology applications Ongoing
21Development of new methodologies for analysis and classification of epileptic seizure EEG signalsOngoing
22Quasi z source converter based standalone PV systemOngoing
23Development of Counter Measures for presentation attacks on Biometric Systems with Focus on hand Geometry and Palmprint Based SystemsOngoing
24Nano Optoelectronic Sensing Platform based on Slot-waveguide for Fast and Efficient Lab-on-chip ApplicationsOngoing
25Development of ZnO-Heterostructure Based High-Efficiency Bluish Light Emitting DiodeCompleted
26Development of high sensitivity organic photo transistors through fine control of film morphology and interfacial effectsCompleted
27Development of Hybrid ZnO-based Multiple Quantum-well Ultraviolet-Visible Light emitting Diode by Dual Ion Beam Sputtering DepositionCompleted
28Design and development of integrated nanophotonic platform based on hybrid photonic-plasmonic waveguide for communication and bio-sensingCompleted
29Development of Photoacoustic Imaging Techniques for Non-Invasive Imaging of Solitary Thyroid NodulesCompleted
30Evaluation of Junctionless Transistor Architecture for Next Generation CMOS Devices and CircuitsCompleted
31Design, Fabrication and Characterization of high-quality zinc oxide (ZnO) nanostructure-based nano-devicesCompleted
32Synchrophasor based real time wide area security assessmentCompleted
33Analysis and Classification of EEG Signals based on Nonlinear and Non stationary Signal ModelsCompleted
34Analytical and Simulation Study of Bidirectional Relaying Strategies in Cognitive Radio NetworksCompleted
35Design, fabrication and ultrafast electrical switching of nanoscale ovonic threshold-switch (OTS) selectors for high-density phase change Memory (PCM) applicationsCompleted
36Electrical, optical , elemental and structural properties of dual-ion-beam-sputter deposited plasmonic-based gropu I-III-VI2-chalcopyrite photovoltaic thin filmCompleted
37Unified and Compact Analytical Modeling of Nanoscale Gate - all - Around Multigate MOSFETsCompleted


1Teaching Learning Centre for Internet of ThingsOngoing
2Numerical investigation of Flow and heat transfer characteristics of three dimensional impinging jet/jets on an isothermal hot surfaceOngoing
3Development of High Performance Falling Film Tower for Liquid Desiccant SystemsOngoing
4Building capacity in collaborative research for advanced manufacturing Ongoing
5Design and Development of Shape Memory Alloy belt for Exhaust heat recovery from an Automotive engineOngoing
6Design and development of an economical light weight and multi-purpose four degrees of freedom hybrid robotic motion platformOngoing
7Investigations on Strctuteal and thermos-mechanical behavior of the Cu- based shape memory alloy bi-morphs prepared by laser assisted manufacuringOngoing
9Investigation on calibration of smart metal based micro stages using swept source interferometryOngoing
10Reversible Alkali Metal Based Hydrides for High Temperature Thermal Energy StorageOngoing
11High Deposition Rate Additive Manufacturing of Complex Metal Parts ( HiDepAM)Ongoing
12Design, development and demonstration of   indigenous hydrogen storage and fuel cell system for mobile and stationary applications of 5kW capacity.Ongoing
13Design and Fabrication of prestrained post buckled shape memory ally(SMA) composite to develop adaptive flapper for missiles Ongoing
14Investigation and modelling of the relationships among cutting tool wear, product quality and operating conditions based on online condition monitoringOngoing
15Design and development of a new innovative parallel micro channel heat sink with mitigated flow maldistribution Ongoing
16Robust Motion Control Design for an Underwater Robot with Tilting ThrustersOngoing
17Investigation of Biodiesel Spray in an Optical Diesel EngineOngoing
18Design and Development of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Bi-morph drive for waste thermal heat energy recovering systemOngoing
19INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP: Integration of biodiesel  production with wastewater treatment using cyanobacterial speciesOngoing
20Design, Modeling and Diagnoatic of wind turbines for sustainable energy efficiencyOngoing
21Momentum and heat transport from a porou square body to a fluid streamCompleted
22Quenching of hot stationary/moving plate by impinging liquid jetCompleted
23Augmentation of effective thermal conductivity of metal hydride bedsCompleted
24The development of eco-friendly led based on nano-structured Zno crystalsCompleted
25Carbon sequestration from thermal power plant by metal tolerant cyanobacterial speciesCompleted
26Design, Development and Control of a New Three Degree of Freedom (3-DOF) Parallel Robot for X-Y-Theta (XYθZ) MotionCompleted
27Promotion of Environmental Friendly Plasma Nitriding / Nitrocarburizing Process for wear and Corrosion Resistance of Industrial ComponentsCompleted
28Convective heat transfer enhancement from heated bluff bodies using nanofluids - Application to electronic coolingCompleted
29Evaluation of Mechanical properties of Ti-B-N–SiC composite coating developed by SHS and laser alloying Completed
30Spray Characterization using laser Diagnostic TechniquesCompleted
31Experimental Investigations and Performance Optimization of High-Precision Finishing of Gears by Electrochemical Honing (ECH) ProcessCompleted


1Diketopyrrolopyrrole based Low Cost Accepor for Bulk Heterojuncion Organic Solar CellsOngoing
2Novel Fullerene Derivatives as Electron Transport Materials for Inverted Perovskite Solar CellsOngoing
3Single molecule magnets using polynuclear complexes: Synthesis, characterization and magnetic properties studyOngoing
4Development of new catalytic systems for efficient transformation of biomass/biomass derivatives to biofuel componentsOngoing
5Metal free based domino technique for the access to functionalized pyridines/related heterocycles and their application in drug-discovery Ongoing
6Nano- Size materials anchored by metal complexes catalysts- synthesis and application in hydrocarbons oxidation (O2) and hydro-isomerization reactionsOngoing
7Ligated Cross-linked polymeric hydrogel for 3D printing applicationOngoing
8Design, synthesis and application of isatin derived benzimidazole based four-coordinate boron compounds in Organic light emitting diode(OLED) devicesOngoing
9New catalytic systems based on arene-ruthenium complexes for direct C-N bond formationOngoing
10Reversible mechanochromism and aggregation induced emission (AIE) in tetraphenylethylene derivativesOngoing
11Design, synthesis and characterization of new D-A-p-A2 chromophores for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells.Ongoing
12Development of light weight heat sink integrated with phase change material (PCM) for cooling applicationsOngoing
13Design and Synthesis of Bi-functional Pincer Complexes: A New Avenue for Metal-Metal Cooperativity and Small Molecules ActivationOngoing
14Reducing computational complexity using FPGA to study structure and dynamical properties of nanoparticlesOngoing
15Designing of Mn-based Electrocatalysts for CO2 vs. Proton ReductionOngoing
16Synthesis and propertics of fluorescent (ɳ6-arene)Ru-and(ɳ5-C5Me5)/Rh/Ir-complex based on chromene derivatives and their bio-catalytic activityOngoing
17Donor acceptor pyrazaboles for photonic applicationsOngoing
18Organometallic Based MOFs: Synthesis, Structures and PropertiesOngoing
19Transition metal promoted functionalization of C(sp2)-H bonds: A strategy to build phenyl thiophenyl, tryptophan amino acid and purine nucleoside derivativesOngoing
20Development of active molecular based on transition metal complexes for efficient C-H bond activation and functionalizationOngoing
21Synthesis of anticancer natural product-tubulysins and synthetic derivativesOngoing
22Equilibrium and dynamical studies of thiolate-protected gold nano particles using DFT based machine learning techniquesOngoing
23Single molecule magnet behavior of polynuclear 3d and 4f metal clusters bearing tetrazole/ triazole derivatives as stabilizing ligandsOngoing
24Designed synthesis of Covalent Organic Frameworks for toxic heavy metal ion detection: Experimental and theoretical approachOngoing
25Design and Development of metal \ metal oxide nano particles and their catalytic applicationsOngoing
26Designing of core-shell nanocluster based electrodes for fuel cell applicationsOngoing
27Designing Bimetallic Complexes with Cooperative Metal-Metal Interactions for the Multi-electron Reduction of Small MoleculesOngoing
28Synergistic effect of self-assembling organic inorganic hybrid materials for the applications in nanoscencesOngoing
29Development of new small molecules and device architectures for highly efficient and reliable organic solar cellsOngoing
30Synthesis of ferrocene based polymeric materials and their application as cathode in rechargeable batteries: A new possibility in energy storageOngoing
31Synthesis of NHC based unsymmetrical cyclometallated luminescent Pt(II) complexes for more efficient OLED devicesOngoing
32Synthesis and catalytic activity of manganese and iron cyclopentadienyl complexesOngoing
33Development of Intracellular Fluorescent Metal Ion Sensors and Subcellular Targeting Ongoing
34Mitochondria Tagged Red Emitting Fluorescent Probes: Detection of Chemical Species through Aggregation Induced Emission and its ImagingOngoing
35Bulk Heterojunction solar cell with highly electron deficient porphyrin-fullerene (C₆₀) tetrads as an acceptorOngoing
36Synthesis of the metal nanoparticles functionalized with thiolate chelated metal carbonyl clusters and their application as heterogeneous biomimetic hydrogenasesOngoing
37Study of Half Sandwich Ru and Rh Complexes based on Nitrogen and Phosphorous Donor LigandsCompleted
38Molecular self-assembly directed via chemical reactions for the application in biology and nanosciencesCompleted
39A Therapeutic Approach for Targeting CAG Repeat expansion RNA that causes Huntington disease (HD) and spino cerebral ataxias (SCAs)Completed
40To Investigate the Photoluminescence Properties of Water Soluble Biocompatible Quantum Dots by using Single Molecule Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy (TIRFM)Completed
41Perylenedimide derivatives as Two-photon Absorbing materialsCompleted
42New Computer Modelling Techniques for Studying Nanoalloy ClustersCompleted
43Development of Organocatalytic mediated asymetric synthesis of highly functionalized tetrahydrocarbazole derivative as a privileged structureCompleted
44Synthesis of Non-Stoichiometric Metal Oxides (M=Ti, Nb, Zr, Ta, V) for Photocatalytic ActivitiesCompleted
45Generation of Dynamic Peptide Libraries towards the Applications in Biology and NanosciencesCompleted
46Desiging of Molecular Cataysts for CO2 Hydrogenation Reaction using Moller-Pleset Perturbation TheoryCompleted
47Ferrocenyl Porphyrins as Optical Limiting MaterialsCompleted
48Studies of Certain Thiocarboxylate Based Ligands and their Metal Complexes: Synthesis, X-Ray Structure and Electrochemical PropertiesCompleted
49Photophysical and dynamical behavior of drug molecules in biological mediaCompleted
50Development of Novel Organocatalyst for Asymmetric (4+2) Diels-Alder Reaction of α-Substituted-α, β-Unsaturated Aldehydes or Ketones with Dienes: Access a Chiral Quaternary Carbon CenterCompleted
51Studies on Targeted Organometallic Anticancer Drugs and their Mode of ActionCompleted
52Atomic Modeling of Cathode Electrode for PEM Fuel CellsCompleted
53Size and Shape Controlled Magneto-Optical Nanoparticles for Cancer Cell Imaging and Photo-thermal TherapyCompleted
54Crystal engineering using I(Te)…pi secondary interactions, as a method for preparation of organometallic-based electro-conductive and magnetic materialsCompleted
55Heteronuclear coordination polymers inspired by cycloaddition and hydrogen bonds: Towards dynamic porous metal organic frameworksCompleted


1On the study of zeros of some special functions and geometric propertiesOngoing
2Fine properties of weakly differentiable functions and geometric properties of domains.Ongoing
3Detection of human brain disorders using novel machine learning approaches Ongoing
4Geometry of Hyperbolic type metrics and their applications in analytic function theoryOngoing
5On inverse eigenvalue problems for structured matrix pencilsOngoing
6Classification and prediction of Alzheimer disease using multimodal imaging dataOngoing
7Optimization Models and Algorithms for Non-parallel Support Vector Machines Ongoing
8Perturbation analysis on singular multiparameter eigenvalue problems with various structuresCompleted
9Probabilistic and co-algebraic approaches to rough set theoryCompleted


1FIST Programme of DST Physics DisciplineOngoing
2Analysis of Interplay of Multiplexing and Optimization in Complex Networks.Ongoing
3Generalized method of fabrication of tunable self-assembly to design nano-scale arrays and patterns- engineering of the electromagnetic field in the nano- scales, an important goal of photonicsOngoing
4First principle studies and synthesis, characterization, physical properties of multiferroics Rfeo3 (R=Bi, Ga, La, Nd) nanoparticlesOngoing
5Influence of Strain and Carrier Injection on Electrical and Magnetic Properties of RNi1-xDxO3 (R=Rareearthmetal, D=Dopant) Thin Films and MultilayersOngoing
6Analysis of complex Systems and emerging behaviour under the combined framework of network theory and random matrix theoryOngoing
7Quantitative Substrate-Strain Induced Effect on Optical, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of ManganitesOngoing
8Challenges in particles physics after Higgs DiscoveryOngoing
9Synthesis and characterization of semiconductor nano-wires using metal assisted chemical etching and its application in field emission and tunable light emitting devicesOngoing
10Knowledge, personality and skill development activities in science and technology for aspiring girl studentOngoing
11A large ion collider experiment (ALICE) upgrade, operation & utilizationOngoing
12Leptons from heavy flvour hadron decays in proton-proton collisions at the LHCOngoing
13Ramanujan Fellowship: High Pressure Synthesis of Novel Superconductors, Single Crystal Growth and Physical Prosperities Measurements to Determine the Guiding Principle for Enhancement of Tc ”Ongoing
14Investigations on ferroelectric, magnetic and structural correlation in RMnO3 (R = Rare earth ions) multiferroic thin filmsCompleted
15Radiative Decays of the omega Meson with WASA -at-COSYCompleted
16Characterizations of pure and doped AB7O12 type multiferroic oxides using Indus synchrotron radiation sourceCompleted
17Quantitative Substrate-Strain Induced Effect on Optical, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of ManganitesCompleted
18Exploring novel electrode materials, through surface/interface modification for new generation Li-ion batteries with improved performance/capacitiesCompleted
19Holographic ramifications of phase transitions in D brane configuration SpaceCompleted
20Systematic study of optical properties of semiconductor nanocrystals synthesized using ion implantation techniquesCompleted
21Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties correlation in Multiferroic Spinel ChalogenidesCompleted
22Analyzing Evolution of Complex Systems using Coupled Dynamics on Network ModelsCompleted
23In-Situ Spectroscopic characterization of electrochromic materials for devices applicationsCompleted
24ALICE-Operation and UtilizationCompleted
25New Thermoelectric Materials Design Based on early Transition Metal CompoundCompleted
26Analysing gene co-expression networks under random matrix theory frameworkCompleted


1Flourimetric biosensor for detection and quantification of insecticides and pesticides using recombinant organo-phosphorus hydrolase expressed in E. ColiOngoing
2Role of Nuclear Receptor coactivator PGC1β in diabetes mediated endothelial cell dysfunction and angiogenesisOngoing
3Recognition of Human G-quadruplex structure by natural product Piperine and its derivative for mechanistic insight of its anti cancer activity Ongoing
4Role of Nuclear nitric oxide synthase (NOS1) in the TLR4-triggered inflammatory response via the SOCS1-p38-AP1 signaling axisOngoing
5Demonstration of sustainable algal biomass production in outdoor environment for cost effective biofuel productionOngoing
6Structure based design of novel anti-inflammatory agentsOngoing
7Non canonical role of macrophage matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) in alcoholic liver disease (ALD)Ongoing
8Neuronal nitric oxide synthase (NOSI) driven macrophage phenotype polarizationOngoing
9Multi-analyte nano-engineered Quantum dot based flourescent biosensors for clinical quantification of biomarkers in diabetes related kidney diseasesOngoing
10Investigating Conformational Dynamics of N-Glycans and the Effect of Glycosylation on the Structure and Dynamics of Hepatitis C Virus Glycoproteins via Molecular Dynamics Simulations Ongoing
11INSPIRE FACULTY AWARD: Nasal Delivery of Anti-Retroviral Theranostic Nano-Enabled CarriersOngoing
13To identify essential kinases and their signaling in Epstein-Barr virus-mediated tumorigenesis.Ongoing
14Multiscale Simulations of Protein-Glycan Complexs: Toward Understanding the Molecular Basis of Host-Pathogen Interactions and Immune ResponseOngoing
15Exploration of cis elements in attracting AID to proto-oncogenes BCL6 and MYC leading to B-lymphomaOngoing
16Seroepidemiology, molecular characterization and development of diagnostic tools for bovine ephemeral fever virus (BEFV) isolates prevalent in IndiaOngoing
17Ramanujan Fellowship: AID and somatic hypermutation of immunoglobulin (Ig) genesCompleted

Metallurgy Engineering and Materials Science (MEMS)

1INSPIRE FACULTY AWARD: Solid Electrolytes for All Solid State Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Ongoing
2Self- Powered wearable /non- wearable metal oxide triboelectric gas sensorsOngoing
3Compositionally and Microstructurally Engineering Lead-Free Ceramics for Piezoelectric AppliactionsOngoing
4Wear Behavior and Microstructural Studies of Surface Mechanical Attrition Treated (SMAT) and Post-Treated Stainless SteelsOngoing
5Synthesis and environmental degradation study of aluminium-chromium-copper-manganese-iron-tungsten based high entropy alloy for high temperature applicationOngoing
6Wet-chemical approach to fabricate visible-near infrared light harvesting photoelectrodesOngoing
7Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites (CPC) for Selective and Sensitive Sensors Detection of Explosives arrayOngoing
8Fabrication of efficient Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Heterojunction Solar cells (OIHSCs) containing Lead Free Perovskite Compound and Polymeric Hole ConductorsOngoing
9Development of the technique for the growth of metal oxide Nano-porous materials for supercapacitors applicationsOngoing
10Novel Homochiral Metal-Organic Framework for Chiral, Achiral molecules inclusion and Reversible Gas Storage ApplicationsOngoing
11Role of Boron passivated 1D NiO nanostructures in the next generation change/energy Ongoing
12Promotion of Environmental Friendly Plasma Nitriding / Nitrocarburizing Process for wear and Corrosion Resistance of Industrial ComponentsOngoing
13Construction of Porous Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and Covalent- Organic Frameworks (COFs) and Its ApplicationsOngoing
14Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE)Ongoing


1Knowledge Spillover of Foreign Patenting on Indian Firms: Econometric Analysis Using Patent Citation DataOngoing
2Process Documentation of Samagra PortalOngoing
3The Impact of Patent Policy on India's Innovativeness and Technology TransferCompleted


1Explaining the Moral Compass: Away from the Dead EndCompleted


1EIKHOI: A Design Initiative for a transformative Community SystemCompleted


1Quantum Gravity in Rindler Space Ongoing
2Probing the extreme physics around compact objects in binary and isolated systems through investigations of their burst and outburst behaviourOngoing
3Differential NavIC & GAGAN aided Inertial Navigation with Applications to Land, Air and Space Vehicles.Ongoing
4C and L-Band Interferometer as Galaxy Cluster Observatory PathfinderOngoing

Civil Engineering

1Sustainable and Economical Functionally Graded Rubberized Concrete Pavements Ongoing
2Quantification of Soil organic carbon sequestration using remote sensing and field based approachOngoing
3Assessment of Snowfall and Glacier Melt Runoff contribution in upstream part of Teesta River catchment using Hydrological Modeling and field based measurementsOngoing
4Assessment of impact of climate change on crop water requirements and productivity of major crop in sikkim, Himalayan region of northeast IndiaOngoing
5Knowledge Incubation for Technical Education under Technical Education Quality Improvement Program of MHRDOngoing
6Landslide hazard assessment and monitoring of the chibo-pashyor (Kalingpong) a nine mile in Sikkim using wireless sensor networkOngoing
7Waste Utilization in Concrete As Aggregate: Asian PerspectiveOngoing
8An Integral Assessment of groundwater and surface water using stable isotopes of waterOngoing